Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Have I Been???

...I'm here! I promise I am! Life just really hasn't been that interesting to blog about lately. Let's see though what have I been busy doing...running, working, serving cake, dealing with wrong billings, and looking for a new laptop. WHAT?!? Okay, I'll explain...

*Running-yes, I've got my big 'ole butt up and moving and I've been on a running training program. This is a good thing because I haven't lost a single pound in the past 3 weeks so thank goodness I have this running program or I would have been done. I did squeeze my big 'ole butt into a pair of pants that were TWO SIZES smaller!!! Hubs checked everything out and approved so that felt good!

*Working! I've had to work the past two Saturday mornings at 6am...its nice to have the time off during the week but I sure did enjoy sleeping in this morning.

*Serving cake-yesterday, I totally forgot about Matt's cousin's baptism-oops! So we went to church at 5pm service and when it was done, his aunt asked, or ordered, us to go to the hall downstairs and start the coffee and uncover the food. Matt's mom came downstairs and was about to serve the cake when I went up and offered to do so. She objected at first then I told her, "Star, I really don't know anyone here so I don't mind...go visit!" She then gladly let me take over as I won the hearts of a couple old men when I slid them an extra piece of cake with lots of icing.

*Wrong billings-I have to wait to deal with the office on Monday but I'll be posting about this later this's a doozie I tell ya!

*Searching for a new laptop-yes, after only two short years, my laptop is dying on me. Not so much the laptop as the screen. I can faintly see when it gets to the login screen but then it's pitch sad! I've had it looked at and was told it would be between $100-$150 to replace the screen. So I'd rather just take that money and put towards a new laptop rather than replace the if anyway knows of any good deals on laptops please send them my way!

So, I'm here, I've been around...just not doing anything too exciting! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Stephany said...

Good job on the running! I'm dealing with shin splints and don't feel like shelling out the extra cash to buy new shoes, even though I need to, so I haven't been running much.

And yay, yay, yay, for the smaller jeans! That's awesome!!!

Krystie said...

We bought a new HP laptop at costco. They often have great coupons and mail in rebates.

As for the running, great job! I just started couch to 5k for the 3rd time, so I'm hoping I can make it through. I'm just not sure my legs are cut out for this running business.

I, too will be dealing with a billing problem. I HATE comcast with a passion. Every single month my bill goes up by $4.00

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the running. I have not gotten started yet this year...

Meredith said...

Which running program are you doing? That is awesome!

Amanda said...

Best buy has some really great deals on lappies. Especially if all you do is blog and farm on them (like I do!)

Congrats on running, that's awesome girl!