Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Master the Met: Firefighter Style...

...Terrance is the guy who talked us all into doing this and then his two firefighter friends, Angel and Adam joined our team. They decided to do the firefighter portion in all extra 50-60 pounds! These guys were HARD CORE...some of the other firefighters just did it in their gear with tennis shoes on and not their oxygen tank, these guys did it in their BOOTS and OXYGEN TANKS!!! WOW!!! If you're my Facebook friend, you'll notice I took a pic of their boots with the caption, "Real firemen do it in boots."

So here are the guys in half their gear. Left to right: Angel, Adam and Terrance

Angel, Adam and Terrance...cute guys, right?
You would think they were freakin' celebrities! Women of all ages wanted their pictures with these guys!!!
I told them next year that we were going to charge money for people to get their pictures taken to donate to the American Lung Association! We tried to get a team pic of us gals with the guys in their gear and some lady wouldn't get out of our picture!?! I said to her, "Hey! You're not on our team!" She responded, "It's okay!" Can you believe that???
Angel afterwards giving us a thumbs up!
Thanks Terrance for getting us involved with this event. It was a lot of fun and the eye candy was great! ;)


Amanda said...

the lady in the 3rd pic looks like super tiny compared to them! It almost looks like a fake pic!

Linda said...

congrats on the sucky stair climbing thing! Those men in uniform just might make it worth it to me! Thanks for sharing!

Stephany said...

Love it! So much eye candy! I can't believe they climbed in all their gear...that's just insane!

Krystie said...

Well least those guys are in shape. They can put out the fire in my house anytime ;)

Faith said...

Great job to them in all that gear and to you in finishing! I don't know if I could have done it.