Friday, March 12, 2010

New Truck..Finally!!! of Sunday evening, Matt finally has a new truck which means...NO MORE CARPOOLING!!! I know some of you out there LOVE carpooling with your husbands and I am just.not.oneofthem! I love my husband but he is the worst morning person in the world and sitting at work waiting for someone to pick you up well after hit 8 hours when you are thinking of 500 things you COULD be doing,'s just not as glamourous as it sounds. So more power to all of you that love carpooling, it's just not for us although we did enjoy saving the money.

I knew when the old truck sold that we were gonna fight, we were gonna battle when it came time to buy a new truck. Why? Well, because Matt is the wisher in our relationship and I'm the dream crusher. Matt sets his hopes high and I set mine realistic. Matt says, we can afford this and I point out that we can afford it if we give up this, this and that. Matt says his price range is this, I say it's $5,000 less than what he states. SO as much as I wasn't enjoying carpooling, I was NOT looking forward to shopping for a new truck...AT.ALL.

We both agreed that we wanted to have the new truck purchased by March 8. Originally we said March 1 but when I found out I was going to conference last week, we pushed it back a week because why would we need two cars when one would be sitting. I told Matt to find 2 or 3 trucks that he wanted while I was gone and this past Saturday we'd go look at them, I'd crunch numbers and we'd purchase. Matt threw a fit because he wanted to walk in, find the truck he wanted and walk out...not dilly dally for a couple days. Fine, whatever, at this point, I don't even care...go buy your truck, he's making the payments, not me, right?

So I'm gone and he goes to look at trucks but doesn't find one he likes. Thursday night he casually mentions that he might have found one on Craigslist, which is totally NOT his style to Internet shop. I ask questions and he says he doesn't want to jinx it and he'll tell me about it when I get Friday I get home and turns out he finds this truck in DALLAS!?! So we're going to buy this truck without seeing it!?! Hmm...

Fast foward to Sunday because the logistics are boring but to summarize, it's his "dream truck" and yes, we paid $1,000 over HIS price range but the monthly payment is in the range of what I was okay with it...some compromise, right? The truck was being delivered sometime Sunday, kind of the like the cable guy-you know, we'll be there between 8-5. Well, my birthday dinner at his parents was supposed to be Sunday night at 5 and the guy hadn't gotten here yet!?! Matt calls and agrees to meet the guy at our house at 6:30pm.

We get to his parents' house and Matt goes to the nursery with his brother to drop off the work truck and his sister was going to give us a ride back to our house because hubs couldn't plan in advance. During dinner, Matt's mom looks at me and says, "Why do you have to be home by 6?" Hmm...good question, Matt, thanks for letting me in on that. We'd been trying to keep it a secret because we hadn't even seen the truck yet and were a little concerned about the whole situation. I look at Matt and he stares at me blankly...what am I supposed to say? I tell him, fine go ahead and tell them in which his sister is really excited and his parents are skeptical since we hadn't seen it...the whole reason we were trying NOT to tell them until we did see it.

So we head home and his sis stays to wait to see the new truck. The guy arrives around 7 (so we didn't really get to look at it too much in the dark) and Matt goes outside to meet him. I hang back in the house because I know he'll be mad if I'm all up in his business but his sis heads out so I join. The guy is telling Matt all about it and I'm trying to listen closely then Matt climbs in the driver's side and his sis climbs in the backseat. The dealer guy jumps in the front seat and closes the door. My heart sinks...I'm left in the cold, dark front yard outside the new truck. I head back inside to hide my disappointment. I know this sounds silly and petty but this was OUR first major purchase (minus the furnance), it was our first married vehicle...I wanted to be the first, the first one to sit in it with him, the first to go on a ride, I wanted to share that excitement with him...just me and my husband and that moment was hijacked. Gone...shared with someone else all because I was trying not to be the smothering wife all up in his business and trying to give him space. UGH!

So the dealer guy leaves and then Matt, his sis and I go on the first drive to his parents. His family freaks out over the truck loving it and go for a ride around the block. Then his brother comes in and says to Matt, "We're totally going out Wednesday night in your new truck." His mom says, "No, Alyssa is doing something with Matt on Wednesday." I'd just finished telling her how Wednesday was my only free night this week. His bro then goes on to QUESTION what we're doing and blah blah blah...I snap, I can't handle it anymore, he questions everything. Hi, hello...I'm his wife, remember me? The wife, me? So we head back home, the whole new truck moment ruined for me but I try to let Matt enjoy it. I'm so glad this whole truck ordeal is done and over with but I'm even happier that Matt got what he wanted and LOVES his new truck.

Sorry for the kind of Debby Downer post but I had to get that all out. I think the new truck is pretty too and I'm happy that it's dark blue (midnight blue in my mind) and not white so I can pick it out easily. OH! Did I mention that it's a manual which means I won't be able to drive it? Which is totally fine with me because this thing is HUGE!

Happy Friday everyone! P.S. Tomorrow's my birthday!!!


Slamdunk said...

Sounds like quite an adventure and congrats on the new purchase. I think the standard just means that you now have a vehicle to practice and learn on... Well maybe in a few years.

Happy advance birthday!

Hilary Lane said...

Aww, yay for the new truck! Boo for being made to feel like crap! My husband is the same way when it comes to finances. The week before we started dating, my husband spent $34k on a 3 year old Tahoe. It was like 6 months before the market crashed. On top of that, the loan that his mom co-signed with him on had a 9.5% interest rate. I swear, my in-laws are great people, but they didn't pass on the financially savvy gene to my husband! Thankfully, we were able to refinance for a lower interest rate. Of course, his dad bought a 08 Silverado the other day for $17k. Go figure, if my hubby had just waited a year or two!

Kevin and Katie said...

Glad to hear more about the new truck. Sorry that hubbs and sister were not no helpful. I understand as my hubby has two sisters, I feel your pain. I am the realist about finances too but just when I don't worry about finances and am willing to pay an extra 100 dollars to get Kevin back here the day after he's finished working, he decides to play mr. fianance and think it would be cheaper just to fly back monday or tuesday. The thought of waiting four extra days for him to come home makes me sick! The second thought that he's not in such a hurry to come home makes me feel worse. I know he's trying to think about finances but geeze.

Krystie said...

Yay for new trucks! Sorry your moment was stolen from you. I probably would have thrown a fit too.

JennyMac said...

Bravo on a new ride but boo on the moment being a bit ruined.

And happy early bday! Visiting from SlamDunks blog and LOVE your blog name.

Adie said...

Big purchases are sometimes hard to enjoy because of the stress they bring!! Yay to the new truck and double yay to the BIRTHDAY GIRL (tomorrow). Have a great evening tonight!! See you on Monday! ;)

Stephany said...

My stomach literally sank when I read that Matt, his sister, and the dealer all hopped in the truck to take a spin and you didn't get to go. I was so sad for you, especially reading your words after it! I totally understand where you're coming from and geeze, YOU. ARE. HIS. WIFE! Why should they question what you two are doing? I don't like them making you feel bad like that! BOO!

Anyway, happy birthday and I hope tomorrow is a lot better and fun and fabulous!