Friday, April 22, 2011

Half Marathon Training Week 6...

...this post is dedicated to my fellow DAC member Beth. Can't wait to see you in exactly two weeks!!!
Friday, April 15-REST DAY! I was going to try to sneak in a small little run to deliver our utility bill but as I was heading home, all hail (get it hail? HA HA!) broke loose and I decided it was probably NOT the best running conditions.

Saturday, April 16-Brr! Mother Nature had another mood swing and it was FREEZING! I was super lazy and after work that morning, I came home and crawled back in bed. Bad Running Alyssa!

Sunday, April 17-Wanted to run a fast 2 miles to City Hall and back to drop off the utility bill. However, after brunch and cookie dough (and maybe a couple cookies), I wanted to toss my cookies after the first mile. So I ran a mile there, dropped off the bill and walked a mile home. Matt saw me walking home and just honked and kept going. He was mad at me because I ran without him!

Monday, April 18-Ran 5.21 miles on the 'mill! It felt good to run and I'm always feel proud of myself after I have so I don't know why I fight running so much on the weekends.

Tuesday, April 19-The planned called for cross-train but I wanted to run. I hopped on the t-mill and did a quick seriously, quick! As in 31:57!!! I hope I run that fast during my 5k race on May 1!

Wednesday, April 20-Today was a hills workout. I ran for 15 minutes then did 8 minutes of hills. I was supposed to run another 15 minutes but I didn't. I really think what I eat affects my performance. I had Olive Garden on Tuesday night for dinner. I went home and belly ached, no really I had a belly ache, for like 3 hours and told Matt how gross I felt. Hopefully I learned my lesson...

Thursday, April 21-I did 6 miles in 64:48-that's a 10:47/mile pace!!! I even walked a quarter of a mile. Now I just have to push, push, push myself to go this fast when I run outside and not on the t-mill. I celebrated this speedy run with a Reese's egg; hey-I deserved it!

SIDE NOTE: I'd been doing so well with my eating and then the past two weekends (and I know the weekend coming up), I've eaten HORRIBLE so I've asked Mattie and I'm asking you all to PLEASE keep me on track! Hopefully when the Biggest Winner starts, I'll be more motivated to stay on task. Biggest Winner, is a county-wide weight loss program that runs for 8 weeks. I'll be doing a post on it as it gets closer. Happy Easter everyone!!!


Angie said...

ooooo that biggest winner sounds fun, how do you get involved?!

bethany said...

I feel so LOVED!!!! Maybe in May we will make another DAC moment!!!