Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maundy Thursday...

...well, today is Maundy Thursday, which is the day that commerates the Last Supper with Jesus. Really, if I could attend any event in history, I think this would be a very interesting one to attend. I figured I would give an update on how my Lent List was going.

*No potatoes-I'm doing really well on this and it was a LOT harder than I thought! I mean potatoes are EVERYWHERE! Chips, hashbrowns, French fries, mashed potatoes, baked pototoes...I never realized how much pototoes were a part of my life! All I have to say is that my Easter meal will consist of LOTS of potatoes.

*Compliment my husband every day for 40 days-umm....well, I did okay on this for the first 3-4 weeks even if some nights he may have already been asleep and I may have whispered something generic like, "I think you're pretty." Then Mattie's birthday came around and well, you all heard that story, so needless to say, I didn't do fantastic on this one.

*Attend church once a week during Lent-um, yeah, we did well for the first 3 weeks then something came up one weekend, then something the next and the next and the next. So yeah, FAIL! I did attend Palm Sunday with my in-laws without Matt which is HUGE for me.

*Prayer journal-Okay, so this is a really funny story. I decided to start this prayer journal so I dug through my G Card basket and found a G notebook. The first week of Lent, I was at state conference so I threw the notebook in my bag figuring if I had some down time I could start working on it. During a break, I pulled the notebook out and flipped it open. I turn to the first page and see that my Mattie has written me, umm...a love note-the dirty kind. I immediately start cracking up laughing! Umm...maybe this wasn't the best notebook to use for my prayer journal. Anyways, I got it started; however, I'm not the best at updating it. It's a work in process and I'm trying!

Tonight at Matt's church is the Living Last Supper. Members of the church have prepared months for this (seriously, all the guys have grown out their hair!) and it looks VERY interesting. I'm really hoping we can make it to church tonight to see it.
So long story short, I did well in the beginning then I fell off the wagon and didn't do so hot towards the end. I'm much better at NOT doing things than actually doing things-lol! How'd you all do with the things you gave up/added for Lent? Here's hoping you have a hoppy Easter and get to enjoy this celebration with your loved ones.


Julie said...

My church is doing a living supper type thing tonight too, I'm going to try my hardest to get there but otherwise I'll fulfill my commitment on Sunday.

Happy Easter - have a great time in Cape :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Potatoes are hard aren't they??? I never imagined. This is the worst time I have ever had with Lent. I am ususally soooo good and this year NOT so much.
I hate myself for cheating, but maybe I could go to church tonight to make up for it.
I wish I would have known you were coming this way...we could have made plans to meet :)

Anonymous said...

I seriously LOL'ed at the dirty love note in your prayer journal. Too funny!!

Angie said...

I wish my husband's reason for growing out his hair was for a church thing so we could cut it off soon! He's growing it out for other reasons tho. :( booo. I don't do anything for lent because I'm not a religious person, but I did make a lot of good changes in the past 40 days!