Friday, April 15, 2011

Half Training Week 5...

...week 5's training:

Friday, April 8-Plan called for 11. I ran a little over 3 miles and turned around to head home, walking the ENTIRE WAY BACK! Surprised my pace was just a little over 13 minutes/mile considering I walked the whole way home. My head and heart just really wasn't in it on this day.

Saturday, April 9-Decided it was in my best interest to not stress myself over missed miles and to ignore the training plan for this weekend. I did a GREAT job of this! :)

Saturday, April 10-GO! Half Mary-went and cheered on my friends at mile 8. Great job ladies and Trent!

Monday, April 11-Ran a speedy 5k on the treadmill. Was happy to be back running and Jen joined me so that made the time go by quickly.

Tuesday, April 12-Swam half a mile. Felt like crap, headache and heartburn-not a good combo for swimming.

Wednesday, April 13-Mile repeats for speed workout! Did 5 total miles, 4 as fast as I could and my fastest mile: 9 minutes and 49 seconds!!! WHOOP! WHOOP! HOLLA!!!

Thursday, April 14-Swam a little over a half mile. Up to 9 miles-only 6 more to hit the mileage club!!! Today's swim was MUCH better than Tuesday-thank goodness!

This week was an easy week compared to others. The next couple are going to be tough. Getting excited/nervous about my upcoming races! Only a couple more weeks until my 10k, 5k and half all in the same week!


Stephany said...

Look at you with a 9:49 mile! Whoop, whoop is right!!

A 5K, 10K, AND a half-marathon in the same week? Gahhhh.

Angie said...

Way to go on that 9:49 mile - so proud of you! Wow, I knew you had those races coming up but did not realize they were all in the same week! WOW

Julie said...

Keep up the good work!

Keith and I headed to the Roadhouse last night with a few of his coworkers as they are friends with the band playing. I loved the atmosphere and the feeling there - the food was good too, fries a bit burnt but they gave me an overabundance of them and the chicken sandwich I got was way more than filling. We'll be going back sometime again :)