Thursday, April 7, 2011

He's So Smart!!! husband that is. Last week, he was required to cook dinner two nights. No, it's not like we divy it up or anything like that. The menu called for burgers one night and fish the other. Here's an Alyssa Fun Fact. I cannot cook a hamburger for the LIFE of me. Not in a skillet or on a grill, not with a mouse or in a house. Seriously, if it was up to me to cook a burger or the world would end, well, I'm sorry friends but the world would be ending shortly there after. What happens? I get the outside nice and crispy then I cut into it and...raw beef. whenever the menu says burgers, that's Matt's responsibility. The other is fish. I probably can't cook fish because I don't really like it. If I buy the Schnuckers' tilapia then I can handle that but that's about the end of my fish cooking. So back to last week, with Matt's cooking responsibilities. Wednesday we dropped his car off to get an oil change and on the way home we had this convo: Matt: "They're (they being some of our friends) having a fish fry down at the shop on Friday." Me: Nods, "Okay, are we eating there or just going to visit?" Matt: With huge grin on his face, "We'll eat there, you told me I had to cook fish one night." Ha ha! He's just SOOO smart! Fish frys are my favorite though so I wasn't complaining.


Sarah said...

For the burgers, you are probably trying to cook them at too high a temperature. High temps are great for making a crusty outside, but if your meat is too thick, it won't cook through before the outside burns. You have a few options.
1. Sear the outside so it gets crispy and then finish them in the oven.
2. Cook them at a lower temperature, but you won't get as nice a crust on the outside.
3. Make smaller patties so that the middle cooks through at the same rate as the outside. (This is how fast food places do it.)

In terms of the fish, I recommend either having Dierberg's cook it for you which they will do for free, or buy the frozen, marinated fillets at Trader Joe's. They come with very easy to follow instructions. A loves fish, so we have it a lot at home.

Teenage Bride said...

I am not a burger cooker either... all up to my husband on that haha

Julie said...

He is a smartie :) I wish Keith would even latch on to that, I'm having him look for the restaurants now because I'm getting tired of the same ole thing everytime and he's actually doing that.

I cook my burgers on the george foreman simply because I can set the timer and when it goes off they've cooked all the way through. I don't eat burgers outside of the home either, I'm always afraid that they aren't cooked at restaurants so I stick with chicken or the like.

Elizabeth said...

Hi! I'm your newest reader and it just so happens that we are having burgers tonight....hubby's cooking them of course b/c I have no clue either!! And I love how he was being "so smart" about the fish fry - my hubs is the same way :)

Krystie said...

HA! Carlos would totally do the same thing with the fish fry thing! As for burgers, sounds like you're just getting the temp too hot,too fast.. and it's not cooking evenly. BTW. Love the new layout!

Angie said...

Always cook them on my GF grill too. When I cook that is lol. Aaron's the chef in our house!