Friday, April 8, 2011

Half Training Week 4...

Saturday, April 2-Planned called for 9 miles. I ran 8.72 from my house to work. Glad I burnt the extra calories since we had Matt's birthday celebration!
Sunday, April 3-Nada, impromptu rest day.
Monday, April 4-Run a speedy, FAST 4 miles.
Tuesday, April 5-Swam a mile, getting closer to the 15 mile swim club!
Wednesday, April 6 -Ran 3.28 miles in 38 minutes. Today was a Holy Hills workout! I really pushed myself running inclines from 2-5. Hoping I'll see the benefits of this training at Hospital Hill Run in June!
Thursday, April 7-Plan called for 5 miles. I left work at 11am in tears, I knew I wouldn't be getting 5 miles in. Sure enough, I got to about a half a mile and decided to turn around and head home. Doc finally called to say what was up with Mattie so I ran another 1.6 miles to Wags and back to get his meds. I hope he's on the mend now!!!

So there you have it, half training is half over until the Indy Mini Marathon. I was really rockin' it until yesterday. I really hope next week isn't as bad as this week. Good luck to all those racin' the GO! this weekend.