Monday, May 6, 2013

11 Month Photoshoot...

...This month's photoshoot had to be divided into 2 days. Despite her big grin in this first picture, she was NOT having it for the other shoots. Matt was home when I did both shoots and his comment on the headband the first time, "Great, she's a hippie baby!" and the second time, his comment was, "She's not Rambo!"
My sweet baby girl 11 months old!
She's a little crammed in the wicker basket!
The best one of her and the bear:
She's really into loving her stuffed animals right now, this was before she gave him a big hug.
"Mom, I'm laid back..."with her mind on the money and her money on her mind!
Happy 11 Months, Sweet AR!

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Jenni-Bee said...

She's so beautiful!!!