Saturday, May 11, 2013

AR's and Mommy's Day Out Part 1...

...yesterday, I was off work. I kept AR home with me so we could do some fun baby stuff. There really isn't a whole lot out there for under 1 year olds because, well, they don't do much. Now that we're getting more social, mobile and older (tear!), I'm trying to find some new stuff for us to do.
I researched the library's page and almost everything for AR's age had passed. I found an event called, "Meet Little Critter" which had no age requirements. When I called to register, they said there was one spot left and took all my info and then said, "Oh well it looks like you have to be 2..." I told them all of their classes except this one had age requirements. A supervisor got on the phone and tried every trick in the book to sway me from registering until I finally asked what would her age really hinder her from? To which she had no reply so she agreed to let me register and then told me it was full. Long story...we got registered...finally!
So we got there a little early and so did the 30 other families waiting to go in. The wait was probably AR's favorite time. She found this huge teddy bear that she loved!
Then she crawled over to the train table where the older boys were playing and she grinned while watching them.
See, totally mesmerized by the older kids...side note: the sitter has school age kids in the summer because her mom helps her. I'm so excited for AR to be able to play with them this summer!
Then the program started and I was one proud Momma of my one year old that was too young! Look at this sweet girl sitting and enjoying. I gave her a little book to keep her hands busy and she watched the other kids mainly but she was quiet as can be. 
Then the older kids did a craft while AR and I scribbled for all of 20 seconds and then she walked back and forth between chairs. After craft, we got to meet Little Critter. AR's met "stuffed" people before with no problems but she wasn't so sure of this thing...this is right after he waved at her and she was giving him a WTH look. We quickly left before I gave her time to get scared!
After the library, we stopped by Mommy's work so I could catch up on some emails. She visited with the ladies in KK and preschool then played at my desk and ate her lunch. Qdoba stopped by to give out samples. I had a bowl in one hand and her in the other walking out to the car. Silly girl reached over and helped herself to some shredded cheese from my bowl! Then we headed to the Magic House to meet Angie and be continued...

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Her smile kills me! AR is so, very cute. I cant believe shes almost 1.. looking forward to her birthday updates. :)