Saturday, May 18, 2013

AR's 12 Month Photoshoot...

...all I can say is thank goodness these monthly shots are over! Warning to all the new mommas out there: these are easy in the beginning but once they get mobile, they are next to impossible! I wish I'd done one the day she was born but I still have plenty of good hospital shots to use for those. So enjoy, this is one thing I'm not going to miss!

These were usually the easiest ones in the white basket:
As you can tell, I think the wicker baskets one were a little painful:
And these days all she wants to do is play with the bear!
Wow! These doesn't even look like the same kid!
May comparison
AR, thanks for putting up with these each month. I'm sure this isn't the only crafty "pain" you'll have to endure throughout your life. #lovemyAR

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Hilary said...

She's such a little girl in those basket pictures now - crazy!