Friday, May 3, 2013

The Color Run 2013...

...this past Saturday, Jenni, my sister, H and I did the Color Run. My other friend, Shawna, actually is the one who asked me if I wanted to do it and I figured, sure why not. Then Jenni got registered but it sold out before Shawna and my sis & H could sign up. Luckily, I have 2 friends who had extra entries so my sis and H were able to register.
I created the team, the Turquoise Turtles. My sister and H made us all shirts and then they also made onesies for AR and Emma:
color run shirts
AR and I spent the night on Friday at my sister's. H painted my toes and fingernails to get us in the spirit. I even painted one of AR's big toes.
Turquoise Turtles representin'! Oh,it was also raining and a little chilly.
So throughout the race there are 4 color stations. The color is this powdery cornstarch substance that they squirt on you out of ketchup bottles. A young boy squirt yellow right in my face and up my nose! Now I know why they recommend you were a handkerchief and/or sunglasses.
H and I held hands the whole race, being with a kid meant I got lots of extra color, everyone's always nicer to kids!
Turquoise Turtles post-Color Run
Jenni post-race:
Me post-race. In my former life, I must've been a cheerleader, check out that pose:
Jenni and I held the onesies throughout the race to get color on them. Here's AR's:
My sis and me, oh and it was her big 3-8 birthday!!!
After the race, we headed over to the stadium. Here's the first backstory: In 2004, my sis and I bought my dad a brick to be placed outside the stadium (it's in front of the team store, section L). Every time we're at/close to the stadium, we have to find the brick and someone (typically my dad) has to lay down beside it and take a picture. I have quite a few pictures of my dad, H and random friends by this brick. Since we were just a few blocks over, we all went over and each took turns laying down beside the brick for a picture:
Second backstory, my sister always makes my dad a Cardinals calendar for Christmas with various pictures of all of us in Cards gear throughout the year. This was the best pic we could get at the stadium since it was raining and no strangers really wanted to stand out there with us. We thought this would make for a different pic than we usually use.
After the stadium, a phone call to Papa to check on AR, we sat on our tableclothes and put one between us and the seatbelt and headed home!
Early in the week, the Color Run sent us a code for a free picture download. This was the only one we had to pick from.
Color Run
It was a good time! It would've been more fun if it wasn't raining and I was about 50 pounds lighter so I'll work on those things before I do it again. Thanks for coming and joining us Jenni! Go Turquoise Turtles!


Julie said...

I'm going to aim for the fall one :)

Shawna said...

yay, my name made the blogpost!! I am so bummed I didnt get to do it. It looked like a blast