Monday, May 20, 2013

AR's First Birthday Pink Lemonade Celebration!!! sweet AR turned one this past weekend! In January, the Twitter girls insisted that AR had to have a first birthday party so I started hitting up Pinterest for some ideas. I didn't want to do anything traditional or character themed so when I came across one for pink lemonade, I knew it was the winner. We ended up having 2 parties. One on Saturday (her actual birthday) for her friends (10 babies and moms came to celebrate) and one on Sunday for our family.
Since most people would prefer to see pictures over a bunch of words, here's AR's Pink Lemonade Party in pictures (and a few words). I've linked up to the businesses I made purchases from. Enjoy!
I went to Laulie Cakes for the baked goods. For the friend party, I did mini cupcakes so the babies could enjoy and for our family, we did regular sized cupcakes. Since I ordered so much, I got a smash cake for free! Here's the smash cake:
Smash cake with the regular size cupcakes; some had fondant lemon slices
The mini cupcakes
Kitchen set-up
I made the banner in the window
Food table; veggie straws were a hit with all the babies!
For the friends party, we had salsa/chips for the moms, fruit, veggie straws, Cheerios
and a fruit plate. Judging by what was left at the end of the party, I think it's safe to say the food choices were a hit!
We chalked the driveaway (easy, cheap way to decorate)
AR's Daddy made her a lemonade stand (more pics later) which is where we put the party favors
Each of her friends got a "glass of lemonade" which was really a tie-dyed onesie
The note said, "Thanks for making my party so sweet!"
I glued ribbon around the rim of mason jars with a sticker (I found the perfect ones at Michael's). I tie-dyed onesies pink and yellow (we did just plain yellow for the boys), rolled them up in the mason jar, then put a straw in with the note.
We added some balloons for a little more celebration
This was the house ready for the party! We had a water table (far right) which was a HUGE hit with all the kids. My own child crawled into the table...smh! Then I had a quilt in the middle with toys. There's a wagon to the left, mainly for looks but some kids played with the balloons on it.
This is the wagon. Another easy, cheap way to decorate was to write on her chalkboard.
I also had a footprint craft. I printed a glass of lemonade on yellow cardstock then the kids painted their foot pink and put it in the glass to make it look like it was the pink lemonade.
 I also had this shirt made from Hill Girls Designs. She wore it the day of her friends party with a cute denim skirt! 
This was from her 1 year pictures:
I found this shirt at the Carter's outlet. There was also a blue one with lemons on it too-so adorable!
Ta-da! The lemonade stand her daddy made just by showing him a couple pics I found online. 
Here she's sampling the lemons!
So there you have it, a pink lemonade birthday party! It was fun, unique and I loved planning all of it. My husband asked, now what are you going to do for next year? Luckily, I have 365 days to think about that. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments and be sure to leave an email so I can get back to you.


Meg said...

The party was ADORABLE. Thank you for having us. C had so much fun and everything was wonderful :-)

Julie said...

What a cute idea! I may have to borrow this when my kiddo one day comes along ;) I love theme ideas, with all these friends having babies its interesting to see who will actually do a theme and who will just say "come over for cake and bring presents" (which I've had a few of those too).

Jenni-Bee said...

It was truly amazing! I got a couple ideas for Emma's party from yours, so thanks for that, and thank you so much for inviting us! We had a wonderful time.

Kelly said...

You know I love a fun party theme and this one was just perfect! Very pinterest-worthy. Great job mama!