Monday, May 13, 2013

AR's and Mommy's Day Out Part II...

...after the library and Mommy's work, we headed to the Magic House to meet Angie and Sophie. First stop was the ball pit, both girls LOVED it:
After the ball pit, slide and kitchen, the girls headed over to this glow board thing. It was pretty cool and, of course, AR tried to put all the sticks in her mouth. I don't think I've said, "yucky!" so many times in one hour. It was interesting to hear other parents and the catch phrases they use with their kids. 
The main reason, Ang and I wanted to take the girls here was because the Magic School Bus had an exhibit. My mom used to dress up like Ms. Frizzle and do storytelling. One of Angie and I's first social experience was a Halloween party at her house, back in 2009, in which I dressed up like Ms. Frizzle and she had no idea WTH that was. Since then, I have schooled her on Ms. Frizzle. Here are the girls in front of the Magic School Bus: 
AR with Ms. Frizzle. This area was way over the girls heads but it was a really cool area.
After the bus, we headed back to the toddler area and hit up the sand. Luckily, AR couldn't reach it but she did enjoy trying to put the shovel in her mouth-gross!
After that, Ang and Soph had to leave but AR and I stuck around. We went to the "grocery store" where AR took all the food off the lowest shelf and handed it all to me. 
Then we went to the "vet" where at first she was less than impressed...
Until she found the tubes with the hamsters and took every single one of them out (about 10) and put them on the table to "exercise." I'm just glad she's not picking stuff up and throwing or dropping it. I can handle her handing me everything.
Then we headed downstairs and I thought this area looked safe and fun until one of those pieces went straight in her mouth and that's when I decided it was time to leave.
First though, AR found these kids hiding (not wanting to leave from their field trip) so she had to check it out. The door to the right is the "Calming Corner" for nursing or for kids with autism to decompress. I had seen this on the website but forgot about it. I was planning on nursing her in the car before we left but when I saw this, I thought we'd try it out. We had to wait for someone else to finish using it and when we went in, it was VERY calming, I could have fallen asleep until I heard the pop of the experiment outside...over and over and over. So "Calming Corner," great idea but maybe it should be in a different corner. 
Thanks for letting us tag along Ang and Soph! After we left there, I had to go back to work and AR got to meet a lot more of my co-workers. When we saw the Park staff, she started saying Da-da to each of them...yes, AR, they look like your daddy but they are not! I've got 29 years on AR and I was wore out so I can only imagine how tired she was after our long, busy, fun day!


SLESE1014 said...

OH! I miss the magic house....I loved going there, even when I was in college. Wish we lived closer so we could go. Guessing I'll have to make a trip to the LOU just for this :) And the zoo and the Science Center and City Museum...ok we'll have to make a week trip out of it :) Looks like a bunch of fun!

Jenni-Bee said...

Awww, I love the pics and how you tell us the story as you go. I feel like I was there!

Julie said...

Totally forgot about the Magic House having the school bus exhibit...urgh maybe I can catch it before it leaves!