Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AR's 1st Birthday Party: Friend Style!!!

...on her actual birthday, we had 10 babies over to the house to help celebrate AR's birthday. It was definitely a full house! I can't believe how well ALL the babies meltdowns, hair pulling, biting-they all just played and had a great time.
AR was so sweet. She greeted every baby and mom when they got there. She even crawled into Liz and Megan's laps when they arrived. Baby Eleanor was still sleeping when she got here so AR had to go check on her.
Of course, AR was super excited to see her bestie, Emma, and gave her hugs. 
The living room quickly got crowded so we all headed outside to play on the quilt. 
Eleanor woke up and joined us!
The water table was a huge hit! Luke and Charlotte never left it and Nana let AR climb right into it. 
AR was VERY excited when her babysitter and her daughter stopped by to play.
She got this hot pink chair as a gift which I'm sure she'll use a lot this summer.
My sweet baby girl and me
There were a few dads at the party but they sat out back and chatted while the babies and moms played in the front yard
I had mini cupcakes which Baby Dez loved!
C seemed to be a fan too.
By the end of the party, AR was wore out. Here she is kicking back on Marcy.
Here's the big girl standing and kind of zoning out, she was getting pretty tired.
Nana took AR and Emma on a wagon ride before they left.
AR is so lucky to have so many and such great friends! I'm excited to see all of them grow up with her over the years. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

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Liz said...

I can't believe how sweet AR was giving us hugs and greeting everyone. You've got one smart and gracious little girl already! Thanks for inviting us!