Saturday, May 18, 2013

Miss AR is ONE YEAR OLD!!!! My baby girl is one. Crazy how this time last year, I was just meeting her...little did I know how much one, sweet baby would change my life and even with all the sleepless nights and extra pounds I'm lugging around, I wouldn't change any of it-not one bit. We've got a big day today-your first birthday party! Some of your friends are going to come over and I've got fun stuff for you all to do so let's cross your fingers that we have good weather. Now on to the excitement of your 11th month.

*Now that you have teeth, you grind them all the time. It drives your Daddy and me crazy! When I hear you doing it, I try to give you Sophie or something else to chew on. Moms and Dads out there, any tips?

*You've started taking a few steps here and there. It's kind of like a running start hoping that you'll reach your destination before you fall flat on your face. You have really started noticing the animals in your room. Every night when Daddy comes in to say good night, you point to the animals and he says the names. Then we let you stand on the glider and you run/walk to me and Miss Owl. I love that part of the bedtime. You point to the animals every night and grin as Daddy tells you what each of them are.

*Still such a big girl drinking your milk from a sippy cup although you don't drink NEARLY as much milk as you used to, probably because you are eating way more solids. You've basically dropped an afternoon feeding and are mainly just drinking milk at meals plus when you wake-up and right before bed.
*Now that it's warmer out, you've been getting to spend a LOT of time with your doggies. Shad loves you so much although when he gets an itch on his back and rolls over to scratch it, he forgets you are still a baby and sometimes you get a paw in the arm which you don't like. You watch me brush Emma almost every day, it's amazing she isn't bald yet. I think this picture is so sweet and sincere, Shad's head in your lap and you petting him...
*One weekend, we painted outside. You and Shadow both ate the paint (flour, water and food coloring). You were so messy but you both had a lot of fun.
*You had your third, I think, cold. We got the humidifier out which I think helped a TON! As I thought you were on the mend, you started getting more snotty. Turns out it was your very first ear infection! Mommy felt so bad and selfish because I only took you when your naps/sleep got bad...bad Mommy!

*Your hair is so long! I haven't gotten your haircut, my family is very superstitious, but also, I didn't really see a need for it. My mom is insisting on getting her haircut on her first birthday but I'm like, why? Although I am potentially seeing a need for it soon...
*I painted her big toenail for the Color Run. I was only brave enough to do one.
*We went to Haley's Girl Scout Bridging ceremony. It started at your bedtime so you were a little crabby but you did pretty good. I had to walk around with you in the lobby while the leaders talked but once they started saying the girls' names and everyone was clapping, you were happy to join in. By the time we left, 8pm, you were asleep before we got out of the parking lot.
*I still tend to think you're too little for things like the park but I've realized you're not. You love, love, love the swing!

You also love when I pull you up and down the slide.
You walked all the way up these yellow bars and Mommy got some side squats in so I was ready to catch you. It stresses me when you try to crawl because I worry about what's on the ground. As soon as we get home, you go straight into the sink and I do a quick washdown. More than anything though, you love the people at the park and you're quite the flirt. In this picture, you're grinning at a little boy.

*You got invited and went to your first birthday party. Within 10 minutes of being there, you got hit in the head by another kid swinging a bucket. I took you outside to find Daddy to calm down and distract you. When we came back in, the birthday girl had taken your Cheerios out of your bag. was a traumatic experience for Mommy but you were a good sport and after you calmed down from the bucket to the head, you had a great time.
*I don't think I can stress how much you love to be ouside although you hate the feel of the grass. I've been taking advantage of all the nice days we've had and we spend most afternoons after work outside with your doggies or at the park. Here you are helping Mommy plant a flower for your babysitter for Mother's Day.
*You'd had enough of the grass and decided to help weed. I was worried you'd put dirt in your mouth but instead, you picked it up and handed it to Mommy. 


*The week before Mother's Day, you said, "Nigh, nigh!" I was holding you in the glider before bed and Daddy was squatted beside us. You had given us both a million kisses which we both loved so it encouraged you to give more. Finally, I said, "Okay, tell Daddy night, night" and clear as day, you sad, "nigh, nigh!" Daddy and I were both shocked! We got excited and urged you to do it again, so you did...over and over and over, at first whispering it then getting louder and louder.

*When we ask you, "How old are you?" You hold up your right index finger!!!

*We had a garage sale. You saw your old bottles and wanted one so I let you hold one with the lid on. Then you sat back like a fat cat!
*You stack rings at Grandma's house. I picked you up one day and you showed me. I was so excited for you! You are such a smart kid.
*Papa got you a water table for your birthday. It got up to 90 degrees this past week so I brought it out for you to play with after work. I try to do something fun with you after work like go to the park, play with the doggies, etc...You really seemed to love the table. The neighbor came over to play and when she left you started blowing her kisses:


*You sure do love your Cheerios and because Mommy hates to wash sippy cups. This is your water cup at home, supervised of course:

So my sweet AR, today you are 1. One year ago today, I met you and found how much I can truly love one person. I would do anything in the world for you, precious daughter. You will always be my little girl no matter how old you are. Thank you for loving me, helping me learn to be a mommy and understanding when I have no idea WTH I'm doing. I love you, baby girl, more than you'll ever know! OXXO (not the store) I love this sweet face!

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SLESE1014 said...

OH I can't believe she's 1! Happy Birthday little girl!! So much has happened...I haven't cut Raegan's hair yet either..she's nearly 18 mos. As for water cups at home...try a bendy straw if you can find one. Raegan loves drinking out of this kind of cup. AR is all grown up and looking adorable. Enjoy the day and fingers crossed for good weather!