Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bodie Island Light Station...

...Before we left for vacay, I searched OBX on Pinterest and saw these awesome lighthouse pics. From that moment on, I was obsessed with wanting to see a lighthouse. Finally, on Friday morning at the crack of dawn since my baby had me up, my sis, H, AR and I were on a mission to find a lighthouse.
At first we were disappointed when we saw the one we were looking for was over an hour away. No way were we up for a 2 hour drive for a 20 minute gander and photoshoot of a lighthouse and we were NOT climbing it since I'd have to carry AR. Then we stopped an a random visitor's center and saw there was one only 10 miles away-woot, woot!
It was the Bodie Island Light Station.
As you can tell from this pic, it was EARLY like 6:30am Pacific so 5:30am Central Time.
I love this pic, just wish it had focused on AR instead of the lighthouse. It was one of the first attempts.
Yeah! I got it right!
AR was thrilled with the lighthouse, can you tell?
Mommy and AR at the lighthouse. Yes, 3 of the 4 of us were wearing tye dye. :-)
And, of course, H had to do a little gymnastics action for us. :-)


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Such fun pictures! Now I want to visit a beach and find a lighthouse.

Jenni-Bee said...

Wow! I've always thought it would be neat to see a lighthouse up close. It looks so pretty!