Thursday, August 22, 2013

Police Department Open House...

...another Saturday and it was another adventure for AR and Emma! This time we hit up the local police department open house. I wish I would've brought the stroller but I figured AR would enjoy walking around but wouldn't you know, she wanted to be carried. They had all the local police "tasks" there like the bomb squad, SWAT, etc...some (most) of it was over AR's head but she still had a good time.
The bomb squad was letting kids use the remote control for the video thing (???) they send in before people. We didn't see the kids, just the thing moving around and AR was trying to pick it up. The kid moving the controls kept saying, "The baby is trying to get it!"
We got there right when the helicopter took off and AR was breaking her neck watching it fly above us. Then the police dogs did a demonstration and, of course, my child was trying to get out there with him.
They had free train rides which AR was a big fan of, not that I could get any good pictures since I was holding her while we were riding.
Side note: My child is Miss Independent. I have to sneakily hold on to her or else she'll push my hands away. I think it's safe to say I have a little dare devil on my hands. Also, I tend to try to let her be independent by letting her walk around on her own while I keep an eye on her but then I feel like people are looking at her thinking, "Where the heck is the parent?" Oh and AR decided to walk up to a picnic table and eat lunch with some family and the grandma picked her up like no big deal and AR didn't mind either (luckily, they didn't feed her). I was talking to the Grandma the whole time and we informed AR that she failed the stranger danger test. What can I say, she's also Miss Social.
Anyways, here's AR on the train:
Here's Jenni and Emma on the train ride. Emma was tired. I held her and she loved on me like this too. Nothing's sweeter than cuddles with these two little girls.
They had a petting zoo which I'm always leery of but I'm getting more laidback with germs. AR was OBSESSED with this camel. She'd pet him and then go back and pet him so more.
Seriously, she wouldn't leave him alone!
Then we went over and visited with the police dogs. We got "trading cards" for both of them. When we walked up to this dog, some lady was asking 500 questions and AR was trying to go straight to the dog. I kept telling her we had to wait and ask before we pet other people's dogs. FINALLY, the lady was like, "Ok, I won't take up any more time asking questions." My only question: "Can my daughter pet the dog?" All was great but then I panicked a bit when she tried to take his toy and I decided we should move on to the next dog.
After the Open House, we went out for snocones! I'd been craving one ever since the last time we went. Unfortunately, I was let down. :-( I always get in such a rush to order and then once I have mine and hear everyone else's orders, I'm like, oh I should have ordered that! Here's the besties waiting for their snocones. FYI-AR loved it despite all the vanilla flavoring. :-)
I keep thinking to myself, what will we do on the weekends once it gets cold out? Oh well, until then we'll just keep enjoying our weekends outside!


Liz said...

I keep worrying about what we'll do when the weather is colder with a rambunctious/energetic toddler. There must be something, right?!

Jenni-Bee said...

I love the picture of AR touching the camel's knee!!! So cute.

Also, lets do snocones first next time so that we can take our time and you can listen to what everyone else orders so you're not disappointed! Or maybe next time we can do two smalls so you can get your second choice too! Ooooh, I'm ready to go now!