Monday, August 12, 2013

OBX Beach Sunrise...

...On Tuesday, we all got up at the crack of dawn (5am PT, 4am CT) and wouldn't you know it this was the only day that AR slept in. Look at these pics though and you'll see why I'm glad we went.
Here's the sun rising...can you say gorgeous???
This is H looking for shells
I did a photoshoot for my sis and her fam. They are big Broncos fans and said they might use this one for a Christmas card. They also shared the saying, "God must be a Broncos fan or why else would be make the sunrise/sunset orange?" True in this picture!
Here's AR and I on the beach in our Cards gear
I don't know why but I love this expression on her face, like, what is this stuff in between my toes?
Another sunrise pic
Here's my girl...loves the Cardinals and the ocean!
I am in love with the waves in this picture.
Here are baby footprints in the sand. This picture doesn't truly capture how adorable they were in person.
Another great shot! Wish I'd gotten up more mornings and took some of these pictures or stayed up late enough for sunset.


Shawna said...

Great shots!

Liz said...

wow what amazing photos!!

Joanna said...

Amazing photos! Great job girl! What great memories you captured :)

P.S. I love her expression walking in the sand too hehe.