Saturday, August 10, 2013

NC Aquarium...

...on Monday at OBX, it was a little overcast so we went to a local aquarium. When you walk in, there were these sculptures in water that you could money into. Here's Papa giving AR some change to throw in:
Here's AR with her Great Grandma and a giant frog. This pic turned out adorable!
Lots of turtles!
Gator tails
Then had a section on sea turtles. The kids were to put on labcoats and then pick a (stuffed) sea turtle. You went to each station and they would analyze, clean, feed, etc...AR picked one but it was oh so heavy so she spent the majority of the time looking at the fishies swimming in the tanks.
They had a small pier you could walk out onto. Here's AR and H:
Then you could get in this machine to feel what it was like to be in a hurricane. AR didn't understand why she couldn't be in the machine too.
They had a tank where you could touch stingrays. AR stuck her hand in right away and was splashing around. Once we got her to stop splashing, one slid under her hand and so was not a fan as in meltdown. Once we walked away from the tank though, she was better.
Here's the stingray up close.
Look at the teeth on this shark!
And an ugly fish with a beard as I describe it.
Mommy's hair was a little cray cray this day so it's a good thing this picture was taken from a distance!

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Jenni-Bee said...

How fun! I'm so jealous!