Tuesday, May 20, 2014

AR's Second Birthday: Ms. Pacman Style!!!

...My sweet baby girl is two! It's crazy how quickly time passes. Liz posted a quote on her blog a couple months ago that stated, "The days are long, but the years are short." Never have I felt this to be so true than being a mom to a two year old. Okay, I'm tearing up so I'll save the sentimental post for another day because today I'm about to tell you about our awesome party we had for our own Ms. Pacman!

As usual, I wanted a unique theme. I thought about doing Minnie Mouse or Elmo but I knew a few other friends who already had dibs on those themes. AR loves her baby dolls so I thought about doing a Cabbage Patch Doll theme but 1. she has friends that are boys so I'm not sure they'd enjoy that and 2. yeah, there's no way I could make a Cabbage Patch theme cake! As I was perusing Pinterest and Cabbage Patch Doll themes, I thought about maybe doing a simple '80s theme, but then I came across Ms. Pacman and I was sold!

To answer the questions out there, no, my child had not seen Ms. Pacman until I picked the theme. I did show it to her online which kept her attention for about all of two minutes. This only confirmed that she could careless about the theme so it was game-on to start party planning!

First things first, my sister made the invitations for me. She saved it as a JPEG and I had them printed 4x6 at Walgreens. Total I think it cost $12 for the invites plus stamps but I tried to hand deliver as many as I could.

Next was the favors. I'm not a fan of giving away candy or trinkety stuff that will break or find it's way to the trash can. I enlisted the help of Nanny. She made 25 of these ghost pillows for each kid to take home as their favor. I figured they could leave them in the car, on the couch, in bed, etc...I know, there are no green ghosts in Ms. Paman but hey, we were working on a budget. Oh, and Nanny is so awesome, she didn't even have a pattern when she made these. #nannyrocks

She made this special Ms. Pacman pillow that now resides in AR's bed and she loves it! Again, no pattern, just eyeballed it. We did end up making the eye a little bit bigger.

I contacted the lovely ladies of Hill Girls Designs and told them I had yet another unusual request for them. They had to do some searching but I absolutely love what they came up with. I think the bedazzled two makes it just the perfect amount of girly and I also am loving the 3-D bow. Thank you ladies for always pulling through and coming to the rescue for my hair brain ideas!

We had her party at one of her favorite parks. I made this ghost banner.

I made Ms. Pacman dividers and spelled Happy birthday and her name on the ghosts.

It was kind of a fiasco when my husband went to pick up the pizzas but I was able to improvise when he brought them back so we were able to have Ms. Pacman and Pacman pizzas.

We had a family party and a friend party. At the family party, I made two round cakes into Ms. Pacman and Pacman then put plain white Pac-Dots between them.

Matt and I made this bean bag toss board for the kids to play. We also had bean bags made out of Pacman fabric.

The second cake was from Costco. They don't do specialty cakes so I just had them do the writing on it then I drew the Mrs. Pacman on myself.

This didn't turn out as great as I wanted but basically I took chalk and made Pac-Dots and fruit to lead people to our pavilion.

My niece got into the theme and decorated her own Ms. Pacman shirt, too. 

Complete with ghosts on back!

Here are Pacman plates we made to serve the cake. Yellow dessert plates with a triangle of black plate.

My hubs and I got into the theme too. We both got Pacman shirts and wore our bright yellow tennis shoes!

It was a great day with friends and family. Honestly, it was such an easy theme too! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions. It was a fun-"pac"ked day!


Liz R said...

I think this is the most original theme ever, I love it! The pillow favors are genius (I don't like candy or trinket giveaways either) and all the little details were so cute, good job mama and happy birthday AR!

Julie said...

What a great theme. Better start thinking to next year, ha!

Slamdunk said...

Fantastic theme. I love those ghosts. We actually brought and old plug and play pac-man game to the beach last year. every night it led to heated competitions.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

So much fun! Your decoration on the Costco cake came out just right! :)