Friday, May 30, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 7.1...

...Last Sunday we were back out cake hunting but our heart just wasn't in it with the rain and excitement from the day before. We still did pretty well finding 28 cakes bringing our grand total to 111 cakes!

Cake #83-Centene Corporation
Slightly confusing since there's two Centene locations.

Cake #84-Historic Hanley House
Fellow hunters were hot on our tail and trying to follow us so we had to lose them after this location!

Cake #85-St. Louis Courthouse
Construction made this one difficult to find.

Cake #86-Shaw Park

Cake #87-Brown Shoe Company
Starting raining here! The shoe in the background is made from high heels itself.

Cake #88-Sweetology
Pouring rain here! We also sat in the parking lot for about 10 minutes so we could get a cupcake.

Cake #89-The Chesire

Cake #90-Concordia Seminary

Cake #91-Francis Field
H fell asleep and AR was watching "Froze" so the next few were up to us Mommas. The security guard here thought we were crazy to try to find all of them!

Cake #92-COCA

Cake #93-University City Lion Gates
I seriously had to jump out of the car in a roundabout and snap this pic. I was kind of bummed none of us were in the picture but hey, my name is!

Cake #94-Vintage Vinyl
Quick lunch at Cheese-o-logy then we strolled through the Loop to get pics. AR was still stuffing her mouth!

Cake #95-St. Louis Walk of Fame

Cake #96-Moonrise Hotel

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You guys are amazing! Love seeing all these pictures.