Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 5.4...

...The last fourteen we found on Saturday, May 24. We found a total of 44 cakes in one day!!!

Cake #61-Christ Church Cathedral

Cake #62-Citygarden
We had to be very careful here because the spraypad was going but luckily AR didn't make a big deal out of it!

Cake #63-Kiener Plaza

Cake #64-Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark
H and I walked from here through Ballpark Village to the next cake...

Cake #65-Busch Stadium
See H in the background? She's standing on my dad's brick!

Cake #66-Old Courthouse
Dude, this family would not get off the steps behind the cake until I took the pic!

Cake #67-Eads Bridge
We thought this was Lacledes Landing even though we knew it was suspended in mid-air so we'll have to go back for that one.

Cake #68-St. Louis Arch
Okay, so H and I both wore flip flops not thinking we'd do much, yeah, we were wrong! Sha and AR dropped us off then we walked about a block down to the stairs up to the Arch. We walked to the wrong side so had to cross over. THEN I called Sha to figure out where she was and she was stuck in traffic...

Cake #69-Edward Jones Dome
And so we walked from the Arch to the Edward Jones Dome which is a mile driving but we had to weave in and out and did I mention we were in flip flops? So yeah, by the time we found them, H was pretty much done. She peed in the car and that was it for her.

Cake #70-National Blues Museum
We were going to head to Ted Drewes and call it a day then we stumble on this one so I jumped out of the car and asked some stranger to take my pic!

Cake #71-Old Post Office
Then we found this one! Sha took my pic from the car.

Cake #72-Broadway Oyster Bar
We found the Field House but the cake was locked inside...totally NOT cool! If a cake is inside, it should at least be visible from a window in my opinion! So we moved on and got the Broadway Oyster Bar.

Cake #73-Ameren
We told H we were done after the last one until Ted Drewes...then we found this one so we snuck it in!

Cake #74-Ted Drewes
Finally, our 44th cake of the day and some Ted Drewes to celebrate!!!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

44 cakes in one day!? I wonder if that's a record. I didn't even know we had a Blues Museum here.

Also, I thought the rule was that the cakes had to be outside, regardless of the location just so people like you can see them and take pictures. I'm surprised the Field House put it inside.