Friday, May 2, 2014

Sunny Shutterbug Sunday!!!

...It all started with this pose. The storm was rolling in, the wind was pulling into the house while she tried to put on her Minnie high heels. I grabbed the camera to try to capture the moment.

She smiled at the German Shepard walking by like she normally does.

And then she was promptly over it!

It was sunny so I said let's go outside while I practice with my camera. I got this great shot of the neighbor's tree.

I got lots of awesome pics of Em-Dog!

Oh and now AR wants to love on her Shadie and get in the pictures!

I got three similar shots and I'm loving them all, her smile, him leaning in against her. #precious

Shad's latest thing is rolling around in the grass to scratch his back. AR thinks this is hilarious but I have to keep her out of his rolling distance. He just doesn't understand how big and powerful he is. This is after a roll, AR came over to pet him. How sweet is this!

The dogs were thirsty so we headed back inside. AR had to put their bowls in order. We have an extra one that I got for free. I think it drives her nuts having all three out so she put one inside Shadie's cage.

After we had the bowl situation sorted out, she climbed into Emma's cage with her. I promise I clean it, in fact, I just washed it out last week so don't mind the dirt on the back wall.

Then AR closed the door and started saying, "Shut, Momney, shut!" I'm so lucky our dogs let her do whatever she wants with them.

And that's how my afternoon changed from trying to catch a sweet moment to my child ending up in a dog cage!


Joanna Daniel said...

So cute! Love the pics :) The joys of working with a toddler, take what you can get!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Always an adventure with a little one!