Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 5.3...

...On to the next ten...

Cake #51-Scott Joplin House

Cake #52-Jefferson Bank and Trust

Cake #53-Griot Museum of Black History

Cake #54-Crown Candy
The whole plan was to find cakes on our way to lunch at Crown Candy. However the line was out the door and we were starving so we snapped the pic and left. Now on another note, there's been debate about kids sitting on the cakes and such. In my opinion, to snap a pic it's no big deal, but here and at some other places there were kids and adults just lounging on it, climbing all over it...come on people!

Cake #55-Old North St. Louis
AR woke up from her nap here but refused to get in the pic. A quick diaper change and a drink of water and she was a happy camper!

Cake #56-Peabody Opera House

Cake #57-St. Louis City Hall
We parked here and put AR in the stroller so she could get out of the carseat for awhile. She loved it!

Cake #58-Scott Trade Center
Found some fellow cake hunters here so this is the only pic with all four of us!

Cake #59-Solider Memorial
Not sure this is the correct cake for this location because it said "Spirit of St. Louis" with an airplane on it. :-/

Cake #60-St. Louis Library
How ironic that cake #60 was at the library and my mom is sixty and a retired librarian! I also tried to get the wedding party getting pics on the stairs, you can barely see the bride to the far right.


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

There are so many cakes out there! What a fun trip around the city.

Julie said...

I give you kudos for trying to find them all but man AR looked kinda done in some of the pics you posted on fb over the weekend :)