Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 7.2...

...The last of the cakes we found on Sunday.

Cake #97-Regional Arts Commission
Since it'd rained that morning, all the cakes had water in them which AR loved playing in.

Cake #98-Tivoli Theater

Cake #99-Blueberry Hill

This is the Blueberry Hill appropriate it has Pacman on it!

Cake #100-Ruth Porter Mall Park

Cake #101-Children's Hospital
Both girls crashed at this point...

So I flipped the camera around so I could be in it!

Cake #102-St. Louis School of Pharmacy

Cake #103-Washington University School of Medicine
I was able to take this pic from the car but I wanted peeps in the pic so I yelled at these guys to smile!

Cake #104-Steinberg Ice Arena
We plan on getting Forest Park and all the cakes there on another day but we had to turn around in this parking lot so we snapped the pic. Oh and that's my speed skating pose!

Cake #105-Central Institute for the Deaf
This one is super hard to find and hidden so this is Sha's "Boo-yah, found it!" pose.

Cake #106-Science Center

Cake #107-St. Louis Arena

Cake #108-Turtle Park
Disappointed that the cake wasn't facing so that we could get the turtle sculptures in the background.

Cake #109-Dogtown
Another toughie, apparently this cake moves around Dogtown quite frequently!

Cake #110-St. Joseph's Academy
Hey, where'd you go to high school? #stlthing

Cake #111-Edward Jones South Campus
And the grand finale!

Cake #112-Jefferson Barracks Historic Site Visitor's Center
H and Sha grabbed two more this past Tuesday to bring us up to 113!

Cake #113-Harley Davidson

Apparently cake hunting is hard work, here's both girls passed out on the way home!

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