Thursday, May 1, 2014

Climbing All By Herself!!!

...Last Sunday morning, AR and I went on a walk. On our way back we passed the park that she always requests to "swing!" It was early so we were the only ones there. It was nice because I as able to sit and let her run around. About 15 minutes later, another family shows up and "Momney, come!" began.

There's this climbing part of the playground that we've been working on for a few weeks. Normally she can get the first couple steps herself and then it's, "Help, Momney!" Sunday she walked over to it and started climbing. I stood close waiting for her to say help and ready to catch her if she slipped. To my surprise, Baby Girl scaled the whole thing! I was so excited!!! She did it a few more times then we ran back to the house, grabbed the video camera, and came back so I could catch it on film to show to all the family.

By the time we got back, another family had arrived. AR did the climb over and over for me. I wanted to make sure she could do it on her own before I took a step back to tape. Luckily, the other mom was standing right next to me (she's the other voice on the clip). AR paused halfway through to watch some other kid then finished up. Check it out yourself-I'm so proud of my AR! Such a big girl!!!

I had someone comment on this video on Facebook that I'm probably the only mom she knows of a kid this age that wouldn't hover or at least have a hand on her back while she climbed. Trust me, I hover, I have that hand on her back, but I feel like at some point, I have to let her go. I mean if I'm constantly all around her then she'll never do it on her own. Plus I think it puts unnecessary fear in her, like if Mom is concerned about this than I should be too. I do the same thing with swimming, I let her get water in her face and go underwater. I would never put her in danger but I feel like I have to give her a little bit of independence to let her grow.
I don't know if that's "right" or "wrong." Honestly, I haven't read any parenting books other than a few articles here and there. The more I read, the more I stress. So I don't know if this falls into anyone's theories or what. I just go with what I know she can do, what she and I are both comfortable with, and most importantly, I trust her as much as she trusts me. If she is comfortable to try something new then I let her, as long as its within reason. Her newest "I want" is to skateboard! She'll let me know if she doesn't like it and likewise, if I try to get her to do something, she lets me know if she doesn't. We'll call this the A Squared Parenting Theory...maybe I should do a post on my parenting philosophy!

Rabbit, rabbit!

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Slamdunk said...

Don't feel discouraged in being a hover parent. I am still one and the little crew is in elementary school now. I call it being protective, and they appreciate it.

Congrats to AR.