Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 12.1

...#cakehunting all day Friday and Saturday morning and we got 43 cakes bringing our total to 193-woot, woot! The end is in sight...a distance away but in sight!

Slurpees to get the day started off right!

Cake #151 Mercantile Library

Cake #152 UMSL

Cake #153 Laclede's Landing
This one wasn't originally on our list but we'd missed it the day we did downtown cakes. I saw the road to the Landing and yelled at Sha to detour! Going through that area of town on a Friday morning was much easier than a holiday Saturday but geez, the cobblestone-yikes!

Cake #154 Soulard's Farmer's Market

Cake #155 Historic Trinity Lutheran Church

Cake #156 Sweet Divine

Of course we had to go in for a cupcake even though it was 9am! Check out the pig nose reflection in the back of the showcase.

Cake #157 Clementine's

Cake #158 Anheuser Busch
Of course, Sha and I had to be in this pic since we're the only ones of age to enjoy AB beverages.

Cake #159 Soulard Restoration
This one was really pretty! Maybe my favorite.

Cake #160 Venice Café
Not sure what the brain has to do with the café but still a very different and unique cake!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love that you're on this adventure! Almost there!