Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mates & Mermaids!!!

...This past Saturday, we attended a program called Mates & Mermaids at our local pool. We had our choice of dressing up as a girl pirate or a mermaid. Girl pirate was too easy so we opted for AR the Mermaid! Now, of course, if Nanny wasn't here this summer, we would've gone the other route. Ta-da!!! $13 later and here's my girl in true mermaid fashion!

A lot of my co-workers were there with their kids. Here's AR telling this friend, "Thanks for all the hand-me down clothes!" Oh and hey J, I know you're reading this!

Each kid got a treasure map and they went from station to station to complete each task and get a sticker. Here they had to walk the plank!

Luckily the lifeguards saved us from the scary alligators!

Then they had to pin the tail on the mermaid.

Here's AR with Miss Liz helping her put her sticker on her map.

Then they split into teams and had to swab the deck aka squeeze the water into the bucket.

AR with Luke who wanted nothing to do with hugs!

They went "fishing" at this station and AR is inspecting her "catch."

Ring/Hook Toss

All the kiddos whose moms work together!

After the activities, they had to find the treasure chest. Inside was a smaller treasure chest with each kids name on it-how cute is that! Inside was jewels with stickers...

So we went back and decorated our chest.

Then we ate pizza and blueberries for lunch...

AND finally she got to go swimming!

She had a blast and surprised me by "diving" in from the edge of the pool! I banged up my knee pretty bad but over all it was a great day wrapped up by naps by both of us!

Now here's hoping the mermaid outfit still fits come October...


Slamdunk said...

Good luck with the outfit still fitting--she and all kids seem to grow so fast.

Look like fun. I have to clear the little blow-up pool hear of sharks and alligators as well. The kids complain more about the bugs though; which means lots of skimming for this wanna-be lifeguard.

Julie said...

I think you need to do mermaids for a future birthday ;)

I also think I know whose mom to go to for all my sewing needs, only in the summer though since that's when she lives here :)