Monday, July 14, 2014

Skyview Drive-In...

...We based our Illinois #cakehunting trip off going to the Skyview Drive-In in Belleville. It's $10/adult and a double feature. They have two screens, one is the "adult" screen and the other is the "kid" screen. We watched the kid screen. It was showing Earth to Echo and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Apparently, it's their 65th anniversary and they advertised carnival, yeah, a train ride (which AR LOVED!) and one thing for the older kids. There's also an old playground there. I didn't inspect it too closely because I didn't want AR to insist we go on it but I'd imagine it's pretty similar to how it was 65 years ago.

We got all set up and went to the concession stand which had your basics: nachos, hot dog, pop corn, fries, etc...Our girls were happy! Unlike the place, the concession stand prices are definitely current day prices. You can also bring in your own food and drink which we had some snacks and our own drinks.

Here's AR and me on the train ride...

The girls are ready for the movie to start. You tune your car or radio to a certain station to hear the movie. Luckily, the car next to us had their doors and car on so we didn't even use our radio.

AR brought her Pacman pillow and told us all about it. It was miserably hot that night so I let her take her shirt off. Then she looked at H, "H shirt off, too?", baby, just you.

She really wanted Froze to be on the big screen.

AR and I ended up being in the truck. She could have carried less about Earth to Echo and I was trying to get her to lay down. Yeah, fat chance!

She was kind of all over me in the truck. I finally put her in her carseat with a fan on her and let her watch Froze. We skipped out on the second movie because we were all worn out.

We got a hotel and stayed the night. AR thought jumping on the bed was pretty fun. I don't blame her!

It was a fun, sisterly/cousinly bonding trip! It would've been better if a different movie was playing but hey, it's an experience and we had a good time!


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love that drive in! So fun!

Slamdunk said...

I have not been to a theater like that in forever. Like you said, you can even get over wanting see another movie just for the experience.