Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 12.2

...Cakes 161-171 and we crossed the bridge!

Cake #161 Lyon Park/US Arsenal
This one was across from some top secret government place with lots of black Suburbans. If you don't see me blogging any more, it's probably because I let the secret out!

Cake #162 Lemp Mansion

Cake #163 Lucy Duvy's/Benton Park

Cake #164 Chatillion-DeMenil Manison
This was right next door to the Lemp Mansion and we totally missed it so we had to backtrack.

Cake #165 Off Broadway

Cake #166 Cherokee Business District

Cake #167 STL Style

Cake #168 Jay International
H and I were running/racing to this one against each other. Some lady asked if we were in a contest so we told her about the cakes then for the next five minutes, she told us about every single cake she'd seen, directions to them, and how she was in a play at one of the locations and all about the play...

Cake #169 Monroe County Welcome Center
Our first official Illinois cake!

Cake #170 Monroe County Courthouse

Cake #171 Old Cahokia Court House
This was like a welcome center so the ranger came out to say hello and asked us to sign the guestbook.

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