Saturday, July 26, 2014

While Daddy's Away...

...While Daddy's been away, us girls have played...HARD! I'm exhausted. I've worked all week, we've had something every night in the evening, and I've been staying up WAY past my bedtime. This week has been nice and cool too so I'm loving all the outdoor activities. Since I'm so tired I can barely function, here's a quick recap of our week...

Tuesday-Gymnastics (easiest night by far!)

Wednesday-Employee picnic where I teach at. It was pretty cool...dinner, bounce houses, pony rides, ice cream, peddle boats which I thought were paddle boats??? Someone please leave a comment letting me know the difference. I think this picture is hilarious! Got my snocone in one hand, my arm around my girl, pony pulling is good.

Thursday-OMG! I can't even believe how much we crammed into one day. I worked for a few hours in the morning while AR went to swim lessons. We met up with my sis and H spent the day with us. First stop for the three of us, we dropped off my book to my creative editor, Jimmy! He's so supportive and I'm so glad we were able to work together.

Then we went to the Magic House! H hadn't been since she was in kindergarten...five years ago! I don't think she got the full experience since she was helping AR out but we all had fun and I may have yelled at a few camp kids who tried to cut line in front of us.

This is the third time I've taken AR and I feel like every time there's more stuff that we didn't discover this bubble thing!

A quick lunch at McDonald's where AR ate the majority of BOTH H and my's lunch and then we headed to Aquaport (review coming...sometime!). It was a beautiful day but the water was a little chilly for this old lady.

The two girls didn't think it was too cold though! Thank goodness H was there and the two of them had a great time.

H brought AR some goggles to wear and the child absolutely LOVED them!

After Aquaport, we headed out to the fair to see Daddy. This year she was old enough to ride on rides by herself! She giggled and waved every time she'd pass me. We both loved it!

And oh hey hot firefighters who happen to be holding my book! You know I'm always a fan of hanging out with firemen.

Friday-I worked, AR went to the sitter's, and then we went back to see Daddy at the fair. I finally went to bed know, eleven!
Saturday & Sunday-This morning I'm headed to an adjunct conference while AR plays with Nanny. Then we'll go BACK to the fair this afternoon and tomorrow we have a wedding shower to go to.
See what I mean? I'm exhausted!!!


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

So busy!

Slamdunk said...

Hope you found time to rest this evening.

I call them all paddle boats whether I am pedaling or not. I definitely am no help.