Monday, July 21, 2014

Save the Date Book Review by K.S. Thomas...

I recently finished reading Save the Date by K.S. Thomas. I met K.S. in our Romance in a Month class and she's quickly become my late night brainstorming, bounce-ideas-off-each-other, venting about anything and everything friend! I love her almost as much as I loved this book and her soon to released book Saving Avalon. 

Calista Luvalle has mixed feelings when it comes to love. On the one hand, working in the bridal business means she’s basically dedicating her life to love and the dream of happy ever after. On the other, she’s a jaded, love hating cynic who isn’t about to fall for any of that crap herself.

Except of course, she already did. When she was six.

Emerson Barrett isn’t worried about finding the right woman. After a tumultuous past, he’s happy just dedicating his life to his work. Content in knowing what to expect day in and day out, he’s thrown for a loop when he’s suddenly standing face to face with little Lissy Luvalle again.

Only now she’s not so little anymore… 
This is a real story of soulmates! Despite planning weddings for a living, Lissy Luvalle is skeptical of love. When a family wedding emergency evolves, Lissy joins her family in Kentucky where her path crosses again with the hot, hunky cowboy Emerson Barrett. When she was only six, Emerson who was 16 at the time, spent the summer looking out and taking care of her. Almost twenty years later, he picks up right where their relationship left off. It's obvious to everyone except Lissy and Emerson that the two were meant to be together. It's a modern day Romeo & Juliet when you toss in the "other side of the tracks" drama. Their budding relationship and emotions kept me turning the page wanting to know when they'd finally get it together. As a sentimental person, I loved all the ties back to their childhood and adult life. This is a sweet story that will make you want to find the one to save the date with!

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