Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014...

...I hope everyone is having a good Independence Day! We started the day off with breakfast at our usual place with Jenni and Emma. Then we went to the parade in St. Charles.

"Mommy, take my picture!"

I am loving this picture! Besties!

Jenni, Emma, and her parents were there. I love hanging out with them!

Mommy and AR

Daddy and AR

She did such a good job sitting in her chair and she held my hand anytime she went to pick up candy (I was kind of worried about that). I told her she could have one piece at the end of the parade and she was really good about just handing it all to me and waiting-go AR!

We are also in the thick of potty training. Of course, right before the parade started, she said she had to go so we went behind a bush and pee-peed! Dry Pull-Up for us-woohoo! Then Matt, AR, and I went swimming (review coming soon!). We came home and AR ate a HUGE lunch. Of course, she fell asleep from the parade to the pool so a nap was out of the question so we just chilled and watched Frozen. Tonight, our parents are coming over for pork steaks to end the day. It was a nice, relaxing day but tomorrow I go back to work. Happy Independence Day everyone!

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Slamdunk said...

You all do a great job of packing in the days with fun. And AR has more will power than I do, I think I would have failed your one piece rule.

Hope work went ok.