Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas My Family Part II...

...part II of Holyfield Christmas...

Emma and Shadow got Haley a bead kit so before we left, we had to make each other bracelets. I know you're all jealous and want one yourself!
My sister's fam, Matt and I got my dad a chainsaw for Christmas. Matt was put in charge of it so after the gift opening, while the girls were making bracelets, the boys went in the garage to play with the chainsaw.
Woohoo! New coat for me since mine got stolen on my birthday.
Haley got this cute pink and camo hat...I love it!
Bella wanted to play while we were opening gifts so my sister entertained her while still talking to the rest of us.
Is she not the cutest???
Thank you everyone for a great Christmas!!!
We should be in Florida now....woohoo!!!

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Meredith said...

Love that coat, and have fun in warm and sunny Florida!