Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Groeteke Christmas... after Christmas with my fam, we drove back to STL and fought sleep until 11pm to go to church. It was a very nice service but it was only Matt and I with his parents and grandma, none of the other kids made it. I'll leave that alone. Anyways, I decided to try a new potato dish called Pecan Potatoes Gratin. Matt says he really liked it but after an hour in the oven, I thought the bottom potatoes were still a little hard. Oh well, next time I'll go back to mashed taters, can't mess those up.
The Groeteke Woman...Elizabeth, Star and I
Me with my new mailbox-woohoo!!!
Matt with his new blower and I would like to add that my husband looked especially handsome.
EB with her new hair curlers and her dad.
Christmas was a LONG day but it went very fast! Again, it was great to see everyone and wish we could do it more often. Thanks for all the great gifts and fellowship and don't be jealous of my mailbox!


Slamdunk said...

Bonus points for you and making the late night church service. We always liked to go, but with the little ones it just doesn't happen now.

Anonymous said...

Matt looks so much like his mom. It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas, can't wait to hear all about Florida, from the pictures I have seen so far looks like your having fun, hope Matt caught some fish. :) pc

Anonymous said...

Matt DOES look especially handsome in that picture!!