Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kristal's Shower... Saturday afternoon was Kristal's big baby shower in Cape. I got to work about 7 am, cut out around 11:30 then hauled it to Cape so I could drop Emma off before the shower then got there in time to see 2 and 3 women carrying in HUGE gifts! Right away I recognized Teresa but didn't feel it was appropriate to say, "Hey Teresa! I'm a total stranger but I know who you are because I'm seen you on Kristal's blog and Facebook." That would be umm....awkward!

The shower was held at Brother Mark's house and it.was.awesome!!! Really, their house was amazing, the food was amazing, even their cute little dog named Muffy Sue was amazing. Ashley and I REALLY liked it though because they'd gone out of their way to hang up stockings just for the two of us (or maybe they had two daughters that were also named Ashley and Alyssa BUT we like our story better).

Here's the gang from high school: Jess, Ashley and her son Garet, Kristal, Bug and Me (with my new sweater and necklace from Penney's)

Her is Kristal with the owl pillow my mom made, she loved it!

I finally got the courage up to tell the other bloggers I recognized them. We quickly became good 'ole friends after we discussed what their blog profile pictures were and what they discussed on their blogs. Here is a picture of Teresa (she makes her own cheese), Mary (she accidentally killed her fish and went to this Stray Rescue event), and Jamie (she talks about a grapefruit with hair and teeth). They were all really nice, funny and I'll be blogstalking them.

The "gang" went on a gift of cloth diapers. Jess and I were both mesmerized by these and they were NOT what I was expecting. I was picturing like a dish towel with safety pins. They are actually pretty cute. Here is Jess posing with a cloth diaper.
Kristal was exhausted after opening all those gifts!
And now it's a tradition because I've taken this picture with Ashley and now with Kristal!
Don't forget, klf, that I don't get text messages so when you go into labor Jess and Ash will have to call and let me know!!! Congrats girl, I can't wait to meet Bug!!!...


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Looks like a fun time!

Angie said...

You look hilarious in that last picture rubbing Kristal's belly. Looks like it was a great time and that house looks gorgeous!

Mrs. Fabulous said...

What fun! Looks like you all had a great time!

hopefuls #1 said...

What fun for all of you!!! It's so fun to meet people that you feel like you know but really you only know from the internet! Something strange about that statement but oh well... it's a good time.

We had a nest holiday party recently and it was funny to go around and say our names and then our screen names to make sure everyone knows who is who.

I have a screen name on the nest and then my blog name is different so it can be confusing...

That picture of Kristal is perfect!!