Friday, December 18, 2009

Grandmas...Gotta Love 'Em... Tuesday I get home from work and see that Matt's grandma has sent us a Christmas card. She's in her 80s and very very sweet. Here is what she wrote in the card:
"Dear Matthew & Allisia,

Hope you two both enjoy your first Christmas together. Uncle Warren and I really had a great first Christmas....

Love for this Christmas Day,
Aunt Dorthy"

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
1. It's Alyssa but I have come to terms that Grandma G will never pronounce or spell my name correctly and because she's so cute and lovable...I'm okay with that.
2. Matthew and I got married in 2008 making this our SECOND Christmas together as a married couple. Grandma was at our wedding, we gave her a wedding album last year and I'm pretty sure last year's card said the same.
3. As the post states, she's Grandma, not Aunt and again, I'm pretty sure she signed it Aunt last year as well.
Matt and I both thought it was comical so that's why I wanted to share.
Now on to my grandpa passed away in 2006 and she's just now getting around to going through things to get rid of. At Thanksgiving, she sent home two bags of t-shirts for Matt to go through since he goes through t-shirts every other week especially in the summer time. The week after Thanksgiving, he started going through the bags and here's what happened:
Matt coming upstairs: "Babe, I think your grandma wants me to go to jail."
Me: "Why is that?"
Matt: "Look what was in the bag!"
Matt walks into living room wearing a bright orange jumpsuit (like coveralls if you were a mechanic or something). I begin to break into hysterical laughing.
Me: "Are you keeping it?"
Matt: "No, it doesn't fit."
I now notice that it doesn't fit as his shoulders are hunched over. He walks down the hallway to look at himself in the mirror.
This past weekend, I went home and my dad gave me ANOTHER bag from grandma to go through. This time Matt hit the jackpot! I don't know why he kept going to the basement AKA Man Cave to try on the clothes because he'd try one on, come upstairs to look at himself, then go back downstairs and repeat.
And now I leave you with pictures of the fashion show I witnessed while trying on the new clothes:
Bomber jacket #1 (he was pretty excited about this one)
Nice '80s stone-washed jean jacket
Bomber Jacket #2...deep in thought
Pensive thinking in his corduroy suit jacket

Happy Friday everyone!


Meredith said...


We just got a similar baby shower card from Justin's grandpa--first of all, my name was spelled "Mereh" and second, the card was signed "Uncle D"...yeah, as I mentioned, it was definitely from Grandpa. LOL!

Britni said...

There is now a blog by britni...

Slamdunk said...

I thinking that grandmas just want to make their cards memorable.

Mrs. Fabulous said...

That is so funny about Grandma's Christmas card.

It reminds me of my Grandma who is 93. We just moved her to a new independent living facility in O'Fallon. Last week, Dan went by to help her install a few light bulbs. When my mom asked if Dan came over, she said "No, Dan was never here, but Nate was!" (Nate is a family friend who helped us move her.) My mom said, No, Mama, that was Dan, your grandson-in-law. My grandma got really mad and said "I think I KNOW who came here and it was Nate! Not Dan!" --SO FUNNY!!!

Gotta love Grandmas!!

Stephany said...

That bomber jacket is fantastic. I. Love. It. ;)