Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where's The Salt??? far this has been a crazy, busy weekend! Friday night we had dinner with Jeff, Josie and their two boys. They were so well behaved and it was fun to see what the little one thought about the TWO babies in Josie's belly. When we got back to their house, Matt found the Incredible Hulk gloves and the three of them went to town, well actually, the boys ganged up on Matt trying to take him down. They did a prett good job!

Saturday started with a special event at work then straight to meet my good friend Katie who I haven't seen in probably at LEAST three years! We met and went to the Big Ass Indie Art & Craft Show. It was definately a more contemporary arts and craft show with lots of jewelry and even pasties (yes, exactly what you're thinking). Katie found a Z (for her last name) ornament. When we looked at the tag, it said Zombie Bones so the Z stood for zombie and then it had little bones inside. She also bought a wallet made out of old fashion patterns-it was super cute. The show was right across from the brewery so when it was down we drove through Soulard and found McGurk's where we stopped and had lunch. It was great catching up with her and having a good friend to chat with. Here is a picture of us at lunch (our waitress wasn't the best photog).

I came home to meet my SIL for a quick chat and then Lauren arrived (seriously, it was crazy and non-stop). After much discussion about the evening(flats or heels, how much would we be dancing and what drinks to take), we headed to our sorority sister's surprise 30th birthday party. All I can say is it was so much fun!!! Crazy memories from college flashed back. The night included a heated debate about the line, "Where's the salt?" from Margaritaville, we discovered that Team Edward hates olives while Team Jacob "olives" him and then Sarah's mom got confused whose husband was whose and wanted me to kiss Kim's husband! Yikes! My stomach hurt when I got home from laughing so much.

Here is Sarah walking into the surprise!!!

They had a photo booth set up with hats and props (super cute idea). Here is Sarah with her 30th pink cowgirl hat and her nephew Hunter.

Happy 30th birthday!!! There was one little cupcake thingy in here that tasted just like a thin mint-yum!

The AGDs....and Chris photo crashing in the background (it was his mission to do this in EVERY picture we tried to take together).

My dot and fill in date for the evening (Matt had to work)
The Kosher Klan from college

Happy birthday Q! Here's to another 30 years of sophistication!


Angie said...

aw that looks like so much fun!

Kevin and Katie said...

Did you google pasties yet?? I had a great day with you too! We will do something again soon, sometime early next year.