Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hubs Run-In with the Cops...

…so yesterday, I’m sitting at the park waiting for a friend when I beep Matt. He doesn’t answer right away so I start thumbing through the library book I’m going to return. About 15 minutes later, he beeps me back. FYI-yes, we beep each other, we have Nextels-aren’t we high-tech?


Me: Hey babe! What’re you doing?
Matt: Just got done dealing with a cop.
Me: Is this your way of telling me you got ANOTHER ticket?
Matt: Nope, he couldn’t get me on anything.
Me: What? I’m super confused.
Matt goes into story of what happened. Apparently he was driving home from work and he knew I wasn’t going to be home so he was just taking his time mosing home in no hurry. There is a new neighborhood going up behind our house so Matt decided to drive through there to look at the new houses. He saw a cop in his rearview mirror so he pulled over to let him pass since Matt was just Sunday…uh, Tuesday driving. The cop pulls up behind him and gets out.

Matt and Cop Convo:
Cop: What are you doing back here?
Matt (being his charming self): I just got off of work and am heading home (points in direction). I’m just looking at these new houses.
Cop: I think you were back here dumping.
Matt (irritated): What did I dump? I work at a nursery where I can dump for free plus I’m a resident so I could go to the recycle place and dump there with my resident card.
Cop: License. (looks at license) Why did you lie to me? This says you live on the other side of town.
Matt: Well, I got married and moved and I just haven’t changed my driver’s license yet because it doesn’t expire until April.
Cop: Have you changed it with the Department of Revenue?
Matt: Yeah.
Cop goes to car to run Matt’s license, calls for back-up (yes, Matt is so crazy burly and mean) and a woman cop arrives.
Cop comes back to truck: You lied to me. You didn’t change your address with the Revenue Department.
Matt: Then I’m confused because I changed it at the post office, my voter registration and I have a St. Peters resident card (shows this to cop).
Cop: You have to change it with the Revenue Department to have your license changed.
Matt: Okay, well when it expires in April, I will.
Cop thinking now trying to figure out what he can get him for. Notices wrecked truck bed and broken light. Luckily, Matt had put on temporary lights so cop runs him through the whole hit yours brakes, left blinker, right blinker, etc…he passes it all.
Cop hands back license: I recommend you don’t drive through here again.
Matt: I recommend you don’t pull me over for no reason again.

Matt finishes story on Nextel, my response: I just saw Santa get out of a black Nissan. (I really had, there was a special event going on and Emma noticed him first and started barking like crazy).

So isn’t that crazy? Okay, fine you suspect something so pull him over go through the gamut of questions and so on but don’t cop an attitude and DO NOT tell him that he can’t drive through public streets. Last I checked, driving on public streets and looking at houses is NOT illegal. Matt was livid and for those of you who know Matt, that doesn’t happen often. Guess we’ll just have to watch what we do in our own neighborhood but if the cops or the city really want to do something about the neighborhood, why don’t you watch the builders who leave nails all over the street so that residents who drive through the public streets there don’t get nails in their tires (it’s happened twice to me since the construction began) or the kid who put sparkler bombs on the neighbor’s steps. Just thankful it worked out the way it did. You have a crazy cop story???


Mrs. Fabulous said...

That is crazy! I think cops go after guys that might "look" suspicious!
Last winter, I sent Dan to Target for a few things. He was driving his black Acura with tinted windows (but legal) and was dressed in sweats and a backwards ball cap. When he checked out of Target, a cop followed him to his car and asked to check his bag "because a lot of shoplifting had been occurring". Then the cop saw all of the camera equipment in his car (Because we OWN a photography company!!) and totally scrutenized him saying that he could have stolen all of this equipment! It was so stupid! ...all bc he was dressed in sweats and a backwards baseball cap!
Argh!!! Glad Matt's ok! :)

Chelsea said...

You should complain. That's ridiculous.

Kevin and Katie said...

That is ridiculous plus the DOR (department of revenue) will charge him a twenty something dollar fee for changing his address because he would have to get a new card and then charge him again in April which is a bunch of crap. I was at the DOR one time when I found out they would charge me for changing my address and I said "excuse me for being a good citizen and trying to change my address but you can forget it because I am not paying you twenty something dollars to do it!' I agree, Matt should complain. Tell him not to worry about the back up though. They called back up on me once. . . stupid cop.

Angie said...

Yeah that is sad that that happened. I haven't had any weird things like that happen to me, but I can see why h's pissed, I would be too.

Anonymous said...

You always told me I should post comments...but I think I'll keep my mouth shut on this subject;) I do know that when I changed my address at the DMV I wasn't charged cause you don't have to get a new card, they can give you a slip of paper to tape to your current license.


Lynsey T said...

Oh my gosh...this story is hilarious! Kudos to your husband for getting the last word. Cops don't have to be so mean!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)