Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Cards!!!

...okay, I know I posted last week that I'm WAY behind on Christmas shopping but I'm at least trying to get a headstart on Christmas cards. I absolutely LOVE photo Christmas cards. It's like impossible to get one good photo of Matt, me and the dogs so I always end up having to pick a card that has 2-3 photos so we can all be included. There are a LOT of different companies out there that make photo cards but this year I'm checking out Shutterfly. I would love do a Christmas card with just one photo like this (insert Matt, me, Emma and Shadow though):

However, I will probably be doing something like this with multiple photos (again insert my family instead of these sisters). I do love the chocolate color too:
Know what else is awesome? There are 8 different cards to pick from that were designed by the American Lung Association. What's that mean? Well, "Shutterfly will donate 10% of net sales from each American Lung Association card purchase back to the organization." I will definately be picking one of those cards. Remember Master the Met that I do where we climb 42 flights of stairs? Well, that event supports the American Lung Association. Right now our team is in first place for fundraising and we're holding a Trivia Night in January to raise even more funds for them.
Shutterfly also has address labels, gift tags and a ton of other super cool items! Oh yeah, and if you're a blogger, which I know all of you out there reading are, they are giving away 50 free Christmas cards to all bloggers! Click here and go check it out. Happy Friday everyone!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Enjoy your free cards, wahoo!

Stephany said...

I was thinking about doing Christmas cards this year but decided not to. LOL. It's just my mom, me, and my dog. Not very exciting, ya know?

...but those 50 free cards ARE calling my name. Hm.

Meredith said...

Oh, I really like the brown card!

Angie said...

Finally did mine! Although I went to a Card Making bootcamp and made 40 cards but maybe I'll save these for next year. Who knows, thanks for the info!