Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Post About Shoes... post last week inspired this post. This post is all about the wonderful, unique and different shoes that I have. For someone like me who is as un-fashionista as they come, I do have a thing for shoes...even if I only wear them once or sometimes not at all! So here's my, fairly, organized closet of shoes:
This is our guest room closet where I keep my dress clothes and even MORE shoes:
Now let's go pair by pair, shall we? This pair here our is my first pair of Doc Martens...that I got in 7th grade!!! It's funny how in middle/high school, they were my dress shoes then in college, my going out shoes then in my married days, my farm boots. These shoes have seen a lot and been through a LOT of laces. One night after a long and late night out in college, I was too "tired" to deal with the laces so I just cut them off! They are a bit difficult to put on esp in the winter when I have big 'ole wool socks on. The little tag on the back is broken so I have to wiggle wiggle my foot until they fit. I heart these shoes and they'll stick around until they fall apart.
Then I met hubs and he figured if I was going to be a farmgirl/hunter that I needed some real outdoor woman boots! He bought me these Red Wing boots for the farm. So far, I've only worn them once...don't they look shiney, new and oh so pretty???
UGH! These are the ugliest shoes in the world! They date back to my banquet server shoes and I refuse to get rid of them because I never know when I might need them again. See...just two years ago I used them at my PT job schlepping lotion and then they got all strict on us saying "No laces! No laces!" Grrr...anyways, they'll stay in the closet for awhile...
Okay while I was doing this fashion show of shoes, Emma got a little jealous. She wanted her feet photographed too so I let her join in the fun. Here's Emma showing off my favorite brown flip flops and my "lingerie" flats. The brown flips are ones that my sister bought, wore like twice and said it made her feet stink. She gave them to me and every time I wear them around her, she gets so mad!!! LOL I think it's because they're really super cute and can worn with a casual or nicer short outfit (does that even make sense?).
The black "lingerie" shoes I bought at Payless about 5 years ago to wear at work. My old boss used to make fun of them so much saying they just needed clip on heels and they could be stripper shoes. Either way, I love them and they're cute and I usually get lots of compliments when I wear them.
Now on to my brown boots! The ones on the left (light brown) are my favorite winter boots and I always try to wear them when I go out. Now the ones on the right (the dark brown cowboy boots), my Mattie gave them to me our first Christmas together. What a sweet, sweet boy! They are a snug big so I don't wear them too often but I love them because after all, it's the thought that counts.
Now on to the shoes in the guest room, typically my dress shoes with my dress outfits. Let's go left to blue Fergigilous heels! I bought them for a bachelorette party and don't wear them often, I usually refer to them at my Top Model shoes.
Now the brown ones in the middle, my bestie Stevie gave me and they are WAY too big! Seriously, she has ginormous feet which means she has a big heart! She'd bought them because they were on sale for like $5. I needed to borrow them to wear with my dress for my rehearsal dinner then I gave them back. About a year later, I was at her apartment and she brought them out to me and said, "Merry Christmas!" I was the only one that had ever worn them so she let me have them. Thanks Stevie-you're the best!
The black shoes on the right I bought to wear on New Year's Eve in NY. Eh...that trip was interesting to say the least but at least I got some sweet heels out of it! I wear them all the time to weddings and any other dress up occasions. I must admit that a little long in the heels and I get some major blisters and some sore little feetsies!
Now, what about the other non-heel shoes? Oh those are my soccer cleats from high school...yes, high school. Why do I still have them? Well, I keep telling myself at some time I might take up soccer again although let's be entirely honest, if I were ever to try to run down a soccer field right now I would majorly be sucking wind! I have worn them since high school when I coached high school JV soccer and pee soccer out in SC so see...I did need them!!!
At this point, Shad was interested in what Emma and I were doing and apparently my shoes must have smelled kind of funky. Anyways, this are my first "real" pair of running shoes. Asics Gel Cumulous 11s. I LOVED these shoes, they got me through my training for the half and helped me cross the finish line for Hospital Hill Half Marathon last June! They kinda lost their "sole" with all the miles I put on them so I bought an identical pair but in blue. However, I just never fell in love with them and they didn't ever feel the exact same. Now I wear these as my every day shoes and wear them on walks.
Last but not least...a girl can't have a real shoe collection without an awesome pair of flip flops!!! These things are seriously the MOST COMFY flips EVER! I got them after finishing the half in June and they were just MADE for my feet. That's the race course on the main part of the flop.
So there you have it, a step inside my shoe collection. I may wear tennis shoes every single day and stick to the basics but I've got choices! It just usually depends on my mood which is NEVER the same!!! What about you...what's your favorite pair of shoes? Which shoes do you REFUSE to get rid of?


Cecilia said...

Who doesn't love some flip flops??? I have to do a shoe post too!! I love shoes.

Jen said...

Um, I have those strappy black shoes you wore to a wedding. I wore them so much and then we got Riley and she decided to eat the inside of the shoe out so they flap now.

Hands down, one of my favorite pairs ever.

Teenage Bride said...

yea my closet looks pretty bad hahaha

Faith said...

I also hang on to some of my old server shoes. I never thought I'd need them again, but used them all summer between jobs! I also have a pair of black leather boots that have the biggest, squarest heel ever.

seberu said...

Oh man, it would probably take 4 hours to photograph all my shoes. It's kinda embarrassing how many I have.

Mary said...

I wish I still had my Doc Martens that I too got in middle school. I LOVED those shoes. Sigh. They were so comfortable and I tucked my jeans into them. I had a pair of Tsubo casual sneakers that I literally wore a hole through and was heartbroken when I threw them away. They were gray with light pink accents and went with everything.