Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The Guy Not Taken"...

...I FINALLY finished my book that I'd been reading all summer and now this fall. It was "The Guy Not Taken" by Jennifer Weiner. I think it took me so long because it is a collection of short stories. I'd read one here then set it down, read another one there then set it down. Since I had some time to myself in the deer stand, I finally finished it up. It was just so-so, a lot of the stories were about divorce or fathers leaving which got a little old, story after story. I'll just give you a little summary of my favorite stories.

This was about a girl who was a writer. She met with students and helped polish their college essays. I thought to myself, hmm...what a cool job but I would totally suck at it. While she's inbetween clients, a guy comes up to her and ask if she'll proof his online dating profile. The story also tells about her broken heart and how she basically used swimming as her therapy.

Buyer's Market
This one is short and simple. A girl puts her awesome NY apartment on the market to help her realtor lover make a sell. The whole time I read this story, I wanted to scream at her-he's just using you!!! Grrr...made me so angry! But that's what a good story does, it makes you feel emotions, right?

The Mother's Hour
This one is about a group of women that meet at "Mother's Hour." They're all rich, upscale moms in the city then there's the 19 year old tattooed/pierced mom whose child is better behaved than most. This story goes to show you that it doesn't matter what a person looks like, the difference in ages...you can find a friend in people that you seem to have nothing in common with.

Oranges from Florida
This is the only story written from the male perspective. His wife leaves him and he's having a hard time dealing with it. His phone number is just one digit away from the local radio station and when he's waken up at midnight asking if the caller won, he says yes, oranges from Florida. The story goes on about how he delivered the gift and the meeting with the winner. In today's world, where you can't trust anyone, it's a little creepy (in my opinion) but in fiction, it's a sweet story and tries to make you remember to see the good in everyone.

I just got another Weiner book that I'll be reading sometime soon (who knows when soon is). Who else has read this book? Which stories were your favorites?


Slamdunk said...

I used to not like story collection books like that, but now it seems I get so many interruptions while reading that they actually work better for me.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I have 3 books sitting on my night stand....I REALLY need to get back in the swing of it :)

Meredith said...

I can't stand story collections usually, but this one does seem interesting!

Teenage Bride said...

how funny I just came across this book!