Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Bakery Shoppe...

...Groupon had a deal at The Bakery Shoppe, $7 for $14 worth of deliciousness! I was sold and decided I would get them for my sewing party. They are apparently famous for the cocktail cupcakes. I ordered 2 giant ones for Matt and my mom for helping me with the party. Here's the mudslide and chocolate martini:

Then I ordered 6 carrot cake and 6 chocolate "mini" cupcakes. However, this are NOT mini, they are like your regular size cupcakes.
I asked for them to be ready at 2pm. When I arrived at 1:50 they said they'd be done in 30 minutes. Not I left and luckily, my Mattie was headed home passing the store about an hour later so he picked them up. The consenus from the group: nice size, a little dry and a TON of icing.

Side note: I just love the art of the cupcake!