Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Biggest Winner...

...now that I just posted about Fro Yo yesterday, let me tell you about the weight loss competition I'm doing. :) Last fall, the local hospital started a county wide weight loss program. My work was a weigh-in spot. I heard about it then and kind of wished I participated so when I heard it was starting again this spring and it was FREE, I decided I was in. I talked Maggie and Jen into signing up with me so I was really excited.

April 27 was the kick-off meeting. OMG!!! NIGHTMARE! We get there and got our folders to complete paperwork. Then we get "in line." We get our BEFORE pictures taken then get in line again. As we're waiting, they start telling us about the rules and give us a "motivating" speech. They said they were going to start a walking group and if we wanted to start one ourselves, we could post it on their FB wall. I looked at Maggie and said, "That doesn't seem very safe. I'm going to be at this park at this time and, oh yeah, I'm overweight so I can't run very fast. Seems like that just screams out easy target."

So after they finish with the rules and speech, we're STILL in line. We were waiting to get our blood pressure, blood drawn and body fat taken. The main lady in charge tells us that the hold up is because there's only one blood pressure cuff so we could skip that if we wanted to. All the screenings were free and optional so I figured I might as well take advantage of them all. Now at this point, we'd been in line for OVER an hour and the main lady was like, just get in line for what you want. Uh...totally not cool because now this people at the end of the line were getting ahead of us.

I got my blood pressure taken then jumped back in line to have my blood drawn which I REALLY did not want to. During November/December, I was getting my blood drawn every other day but when I don't have it done on a regular basis then it freaks me out. I joke with the lady going in for the blood draw to get it on the first time but then I might have offended her because I asked if she was a nurse. She said no but gave me all her creditials. I'm sorry if that was rude but you're about to stick a needle in my vein, I just want to make sure you know what you're doing...yeah, she didn't. She stuck me...no blood, digs around...nothing. Now at this point I am stressing because of the whole line situation, feeling rushed and now no blood. She asks if I want her to try again, I am like H to the no. Then she moves the needle and I feel this numbing/shooting pain down my forearm. I look at her and am like, "You can take it out...NOW." She does and then she tells me, "I've been at work for 8 hours today and you're the first person I couldn't get." Well, doesn't that make me feel all warm and fuzzy...NOT!

Maggie gets her blood drawn no problem and at this point, I can feel my blood pressure rising and the tears coming on because I was so freakin' frustrated. I tell Maggie I'm not going to wait another hour for my body fat, which was really the only test I wanted. I went to drop off my paperwork and I knew the lady and I just went into a rant about the whole situation. I left shortly there after with just my stupid blood pressure and that was it. Seriously, I get my blood pressure once a month from the Wellness Mobile and it's always normal. Even when it's high, it's still in the good range which is surprising to me since I am a HUGE stressor I figured my blood pressure would always be through the roof. When I got in the car, I called Matt in a tizz and told him the story ending with, "I need a beer!" Now too bad I don't drink beer!

We're now two weeks into the competition and things are going very well! I lost from week 1-3 and I've been keeping track of my calories and trying to workout every day. I'll keep you posted as it keeps going. I'm hoping that with camp starting that this contest will keep me on track for eating well.


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

you can do IT....I am cheering for YOU!!

Meredith said...

What a cool program! I wish we had something like that here!

Hilary Lane said...

You are much braver than me! I would've straight up passed out if that lady had done that to my arm. I was cringing & hot flashing just thinking about you sitting there!