Monday, May 2, 2011

SCC 10K Race Report...

...Hello race redemption!!! Today was the SCC 10k. I was really anxious for this race because this was the race that really knocked the gusto out of me last spring. My main goal was to beat my time from last year and based on my outside runs lately, I thought I'd at LEAST be able to do that.

We were in luck because today was the first day in FOREVER (seriously forever!) that it didn't rain! It was a little windy and chilly at first but once we got moving, it felt great...overcast and breezy, perfect race day! Meg S. was running with me and I made her get us close to the starting line since it wasn't chip timing. That may have hurt us as we were with the VERY speedy group. She had her trusty Garmin and informed me before the first mile, we were already at a 9 minute/mile pace-yikes! We definitely did our best to slow it down. I could tell that I'd started out too fast because I got a side stitch but it worked it's way out.

Shortly after mile 2, Jim, the IT guy from work, passed us. I called out his name but he was rockin' out and didn't hear us. I sprinted to catch up with him and chatted for a bit then he took off. Meg and I were feeling good, just taking it nice and slow, cheering at each mile marker and I even got the Schnucks semi-truck to honk for us.

A little after mile 4, we walked through the water station and up the rest of the hill which was not even a tenth of a mile. This was the ONLY part of the race that we walked, I was thrilled with that. I also informed her at this part of the race that I like to run fast at the end of the race. We continued on and picked up the pace when we hit mile 5. I picked 2 targets to pass and we did easily. As we turned into the parking lot, I told Meg I wasn't sure I could run fast. She convinced me to do it around the turn so we TURNED IT ON and had an awesome finish!
Our splits:

Mile 1 - 9:54

Mile 2 - 10:50

Mile 3 - 10:56 (we hit 5k right around 34:00)

Mile 4- 11:14

Mile 5 - 11:37

Mile 6- 10:42

last .2 - 2:05

So my grand total time for 2011 SCC 10k: 1:07, my finishing time from this race last year: 1:19!!! I SMOKED MY TIME FROM LAST YEAR! I was so freakin' excited but couldn't celebrate long because I had to get to work. When I got there, the Wellness Mobile was there. I use them as my monthly weigh-in. I decided I'd weigh even though I ate like crap the past week and guess what? I was down .6 pound! HOLLA!!!

Thank you Meg S! I would have never been able to rock the race like we did on my own. You're awesome and I agree, let's do this again!

Me, Jim and Megan after killin' the 10k!


Christy said...

You are amazing! Congratulations!

Cecilia said...

AWESOME!!! Terrific improvement. So proud of you.

Stephany said...

Eeek! Way to go, girl! That's amazing and I'm so, so proud of you!!

d.a.r. said...

Way to freaking go!!