Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jilly's Cupcake Bar...

...after the race on Sunday, we headed to:
Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Cafe

We all ordered brunch which was seriously to die for! I love all my new bloggie friends but my cholestrol does not appreciate all the yummy food places they've introduced me to! They had a cold bar and a hot bar then a dessert station. OMG! I was so stuffed when I left and it was all such delicious food!!!

Jen with her mini cupcakes she decorated-this is the G-rated photo

They had this PB Mousse Cheesecake thing and as you can see, I was thoroughly enjoying it!

You felt like a real baker making your own cupcakes and they even had Nerds you could put on them.

The new love of my life: PB Chocolate Parfait-OMG! DELISH!

The famous Jilly with her favorite cupcake the Turtle! She was telling me I'd better not post this picture-oops!
It was the BEST brunch and dessert EVER!!! Not your typical foods but like scrambled eggs with ham, cheese and broccoli (I never think of broccoli as a breakfast food but it was yum!). I will definitely be taking Mattie back there. My only complaint is that it was soooo good and it was soooo busy! Oh well, we survived and had a great time. My belly was VERY FULL!


Teenage Bride said...

Being a Jillian, I just like the name haha!

Julie said...

I totally want to try this place, its on my list :)

Mary said...

Oh, Jilly's is amazing! I like it better than The Cupcakery, mostly because I'm gross and Jilly's are filled and covered in like 3" of icing. I haven't been to the actual store, but have gotten the cupcakes at Straubs. It looks like I would get into serious trouble at the actual place!