Friday, May 27, 2011

Half Training Week 3/11...

...are you all tired of these posts yet? Because I'm REALLY tired of training. Don't worry...only one more after today!

Friday, May 20-Ran 10.5 miles with my co-worker Holly. I was NOT wanting to do this at all and you can tell in my pace (12:21/mile). Around mile 7, I finally got warmed up, or realized there was no turning back, and I settled into a good time. Mmmm...Mattie took me to the Hibatchi restaurant for dinner, now THIS is why I love running. :)

Saturday, May 21-Walked Shad 1.25 miles then did like 10 minutes of P90X yoga. All I have to say is that I'm sooo not flexible!

Sunday, May 22-Woke up bright and early to run with the running group at work. THOUGHT I was only running three but it ended up being 4 miles. I was very unprepared for this run...dressed in all black, no water, no water belt to hold my keys BUT I still managed an 11:17 pace! From Monday, May 16-Sunday, May 22, I logged 38 was a busy week for me!

Monday, May 23-First day of camp training and I thought that working 9am-9pm, I'd for sure be able to squeeze in a run. I was wrong. So unplanned rest day but I was a busy bee running around all day so I'm pretty sure I burnt plenty of calories.

Tuesday, May 24-Ran a 5k on the t-mill. Really not following a training plan this week just trying to get in what I can since its camp training and I'm busy, busy, busy!

Wednesday, May 25-Stress, storms and responsibility kept me from working out this day! :(

Thursday, May 26-Swam a mile and officially hit 15 miles so I'm in the swim club!!!

So this week was camp training, the start of my busy season. I only got to work out 2x which sucks with Hospital Hill right around the corner. I treated my body very poorly this week....I did eat within my calories but on Wednesday, I didn't have a single drop of water, no Gatorade, no soda. That's horrible!?!

To top it all off, Matt had a renal scan yesterday and we're waiting to hear from the doc what to do. He called us around 9 last night and asked Matt some questions and then said he was waiting for his CT scan for a few years ago to compare. Looks like there's no blockage, his right kidney is draining slowly but it's hard to tell without putting a tube in there to check it out. So now we just wait...enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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Julie said...

Ugh I hate the waiting game!!