Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quilting: Passing It On... mom bought this quilting machine...a long arm? Her and my stepsis were REALLY excited! I could have cared less. They spent all of Thanksgiving weekend quilting, I hung out on the couch reading and chatting with them when the machine wasn't going. It's their thing, I'm cool with that.

Then over Easter weekend, my mom asked Matt to help get the machine back on track. He did, she was thrilled and again, I could have cared less. She wanted to try it out since Matt had fixed it. She had to TWIST my arm to get me to try it. I relucantly agreed...and then she couldn't get me to stop!

Here I am quilting away!

I practiced that cursive I learned in 3rd grade and even added a heart or two here and there

All you had to do was move the machine around in swirly designs, or as I quickly became obssessed, write things in cursive. Towards the end of the quilt I was writing quotes such as "Stop and smell the roses" and "Dance like no one's watching."

My mom's quilt guild makes "community quilts." Whenever a family experiences a difficult time AKA fire, tornado, etc...they give them a quilt. I ended up quilting the ENTIRE quilt and then my mom binded it and all that extra stuff the next day. It's kind of like Project Linus but locally. My mom was really excited that I was into it but poor Mattie, our bedroom is less than 5 feet from the LOUD machine and we quilted until midnight!


Pammiej2002 said...

My grandma was a quilter. She made a quilt for each grandchild as they turned 13. I still have mine and cherish it so much. Looks like a fun lesson and a great skill to have!

Teenage Bride said...

wow!! I love it, it is seriously amazing. What beautiful gifts!

Angie said...

Wow girl, look at you go! Very pretty!!!!! Maybe YOU can do my AGD quilt LOL oh wait, have to find the shirts and sweatshirts first!