Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Delta Gamma 5k Race Report...

...Sunday was our "annual" 5k in downtown STL. This was the third year that Matt and I have ran it and luckily, I've gotten progressively better every year! This is really a bland race report because for once, I wasn't focused on "just" finishing but instead, I was trying to focus on my pace. You can read about last year's race report here.

Before the half mile mark, Della and I were running together. I knew she was a 10 minute/mile girl so I was *hoping* to keep up with her. I had my Poor Man's Garmin AKA my wristwatch and saw at mile 1, we were sub 10. At mile 2, we were still sub 10 minute/mile pace and I was feeling pretty good.

A little after a mile and half, we saw a guy zip up his fly. After mile 2, we passed Stevie and Trent who bailed on the 5k and just walked the 2 mile course. Right before the turn to the loop behind Union Station, we saw a race volunteer fighting with the cops on how to direct traffic. It was all good times, good times!

As we rounded to the final stretch, Della asked if I was ready and I nodded so we TOOK OFF! I passed a few people and looked at the clock. I saw it said 29:49 and I was thinking, "RUN ALYSSA RUN! Get that sub-30!!!" Then the race guy said on the mic, "Look at her finishing hard!" Then everyone cheered, it was cool but kind of embarassing too. I'm sure they were all shocked a girl my size could move like that!

Once the results were posted, I found out that Mattie beat me by ONLY 50 SECONDS!!! Of course, he was a bit hungover but still! Next year, he'd better watch out. Last year at this race, my time was 34:23 and this year's time 29:47!!! OH! And this is officially my new 5k PR! My previous PR was in 2007 when I was 24 on a VERY flat course (unlike today) and was 30:16. Here's hoping I kick some more a$$ at the Indy Mini Mary next weekend!

Mattie & I after the race, he still wasn't feeling fab but was happy he beat me...barely!

The bestie Stevie and I! Next year, we'll both majorly kick a$$ because we'll be super skinny from her wedding!
Our running family! L to R: Me, Mattie, Stevie and Trent This was mine, Matt and Stevie's third year to run this race and Trent's second.
The Running Ladies L to R: Sarah, Cece, Della, Jen and me
Another great race and fun day! We were truly blessed with amazing weather this past weekend as it was calling for rain both days. Love my running friends, love running!


Jennelle said...

WOO HOO! Great job, Alyssa!

Stephany said...

Alyssa! That's amazing!! A sub-30 5K?! Whoa...speed demon!! I'm still looking for that sub-40 5K. ;)

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the PR--that is fantastic. Yes, your friends better look out.

Nice to see it was sunny. We have not seen much of that these last two months.

Faith said...

Great job on improving your time. Matt better watch it!

Mary said...

Congrats on an awesome race, Alyssa! You should be so proud of yourself for that PR!